Top 10 Rice Mills in Pakistan

Pakistan is renowned for the quality of its rice. With a robust agricultural sector and a rich history of rice cultivation, the country’s rice industry contributes significantly to its economy. The key players in this industry are the rice mills and dealers who play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and upholding the legacy of Pakistani rice.

In this detailed blog post, we’ll discover the top rice mills and dealers who have become pioneers in Pakistan’s rice industry. We’ll explore their history, their commitment to quality, and how they contribute to the larger agricultural landscape of the country. Each entry will present an in-depth look into the operations and values of these renowned names, ensuring readers walk away with a comprehensive understanding of why these mills and dealers stand out in this competitive industry.

List Of Top Rice Mills & Dealers in Pakistan

Rice is more than just a staple food in Pakistan; it’s a vital part of the country’s agricultural and economic landscape. With a rich history in rice cultivation dating back centuries and a trajectory that currently makes Pakistan one of the largest rice producers globally, the trade and industry around this one crop are monumental. For producers and consumers alike, having a comprehensive understanding of the top rice mills and dealers in Pakistan is crucial. This detailed guide will provide all the necessary information to those looking to engage in the rice business, either in procurement or distribution, in the Pakistani market.

MATCO Foods Limited

MATCO Foods Limited is a leading rice mill and export company in Pakistan that focuses on the concept of healthy eating. Established in 1964, MATCO is committed to grain processing, milling, and an extensive array of polished rice, parboiled rice, and variety rice. Their signature ‘Riwayati Basmati’ is a testament to their dedication to fine grains and aromatic rice.

In addition to the local market, MATCO has garnered appreciation and trust in the international market. Their state-of-the-art processing plants, equipped with modern technology, allow strict quality control measures to be implemented at every step of the rice-making process.

Barkat Rice Mill Private Limited

Barkat Rice Mill Private Limited, founded in 1976, is a symbol of quality and trust. The mill specializes in cultivating, processing, and exporting exceptionally pure and delicious rice varieties worldwide. It employs the latest technology in every stage of production and has a well-structured quality management system that ensures each grain exhibits the highest standards.

Their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and ethical business operations has not only earned them a strong reputation but also certifications from various national and international organizations, solidifying their place on the global rice map.

Tarbani Foods

Tarbani Foods is one of the emerging names in the segment of rice dealers and millers in Pakistan. With a focus on cultivating exotic Basmati rice and specialized aromatic varieties, the company has rapidly gained a foothold in the industry. Founded on traditional values, the mill has managed to blend the conventional method of rice farming with cutting-edge technology.

Their range of basmati rice is known for its long grains, rich aroma, and exquisite taste profiles. Tarbani Foods’ commitment to consumer satisfaction can be seen in its stringent quality checks and the use of modern machinery to deliver rice of unparalleled quality.

Ajwa Foods

Ajwa Foods is not just another name in the list of top rice mills in Pakistan; it’s a company dedicated to bringing the most authentic flavors to your table. The company has built a legacy that centers around providing a diverse selection of premium quality rice products. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the consumer’s plate, Ajwa Foods ensures the purity and natural taste of the rice are preserved.

With a focus on attainability, Ajwa Foods aims to provide top-quality rice to a wide range of consumers without compromising on taste or nutritional value. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing has made Ajwa a preferred brand for rice enthusiasts.

Kangore Traders

Kangore Traders brings a fresh perspective to the rice industry of Pakistan. A well-known name in Basmati rice millers, Kangore Traders was established with the vision of delivering the finest Basmati rice to the global market. The mill is equipped to handle large capacities and specializes in mechanized processing to maintain product integrity.

Their operational philosophy focuses on minimizing the ecological footprint while churning top-quality rice for its consumers. Kangore Traders is a name you can trust for Basmati rice varieties that are not just aromatic but also hold exceptional nutritional value due to careful processing and handling.

Quality Rice Mill

Quality Rice Mill is a household name in Pakistan’s rice domain. With over 40 years of industry experience, the mill prides itself on its fine and consistent quality. The attention to detail during the milling process ensures that each bag of rice leaving the mill is of superior quality, suitable for both local and export markets.

The mill’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their competitive pricing and the array of rice products they offer, ensuring there’s a variety of rice to suit every palate. Their continuous investment in agriculture and post-harvest machinery has positioned Quality Rice Mill as a leader in the country’s rice industry.

N Y Company

N Y Company has made a name for itself through its expertise in procuring the best paddy rice from the fertile lands of Pakistan. Their strategic alliances with local farmers and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the rice supplied is nothing short of perfect. N Y Company has a robust distribution network that spans across the country, delivering choice rice to its consumers.

What sets N Y Company apart is the continuous innovation in product development and processing techniques. By leveraging the latest technologies, the company consistently produces rice that meets high international standards, securing their position in the global premium rice market.


Garibsons is a well-known name in the international rice market and has earned numerous accolades for its premium-quality rice. The mill is committed to ethical practices and sustainability, using eco-friendly machinery along with indigenous agricultural practices. This alignment with environment-friendly measures ensures that the rice produced is not only superior in quality but also kind to the planet.

With a customer-focused approach, Garibsons has established itself as a reliable supplier of various rice types. Their intricate knowledge of international quality standards and consumer preferences places them in the upper echelons of the rice industry in Pakistan.

Lal Qila Rice

Lal Qila Rice has been celebrated for its world-class rice production and export quality. The company extends a complete package from sowing the seeds to giving you the best quality rice that Pakistan has to offer. The hallmark of Lal Qila Rice is the stringent quality tests that each batch goes through to maintain international standards.

Having a product range that caters to different consumer requirements, including traditional Basmati rice and brown rice, Lal Qila has expanded its footprint across the globe. Their focus on performance excellence ensures that the rice offered is not just premium in quality but also consistent, making it one of the favorites among rice connoisseurs worldwide.

Aftab Foods

Aftab Foods has carved a niche for itself in the highly competitive rice industry of Pakistan. Their strength lies in their capability to produce and refine both Basmati and non-Basmati rice varieties using state-of-the-art milling technologies. The company prides itself on its strict adherence to quality and hygiene standards, which is reflected in the trust it has earned among consumers and stakeholders.

The brand’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that Aftab Foods stays ahead of evolving market trends. Their broad product portfolio and dedication to sustainable practices position the company as a versatile and responsible player in Pakistan’s rice export market.

E-M Food

E-M Food, with an extensive experience of over two decades, is renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality rice to consumers both domestically and internationally. The company focuses on product diversity, offering a wide range of rice varieties that cater to different cooking preferences and tastes.

E-M Food’s comprehensive quality control system ensures that each grain that leaves its facilities is top-notch. With investments in research and development, the company constantly innovates to offer new and unique rice blends, winning the hearts of its customers in Pakistan and beyond.

Hassan Corporation

Hassan Corporation is a leading name in the rice industry, known for its consistent dedication to quality, taste, and innovation. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the corporation leaves no stone unturned in providing rice that meets the palate of the most discerning consumers.

Their commitment to fair trade practices and their support of local agricultural communities have made them an ethical choice in the market. By combining traditional rice growing methods with modern technology in processing, Hassan Corporation remains a significant contributor to Pakistan’s growing rice export industry.

Safariq Enterprises

Safariq Enterprises is a relatively new entrant in the rice industry of Pakistan but has quickly made a mark with its quality and customer-centric approach. The company’s investments in research and development have allowed it to introduce new varieties of rice in the market, tailored to the changing tastes of consumers.

Safariq Enterprises places a strong emphasis on sustainable farming and ethical business practices. By maintaining complete transparency in their operations and supply chains, they have built a strong foundation of trust among their customers. With a firm commitment to delivering value, Safariq Enterprises is set to become a major name in the years to come.


Q: What makes Pakistani rice unique?

A: Pakistani rice is renowned globally for its exceptional quality, aromatic fragrance, and fine grains. The country’s specific climate conditions, fertile lands, and centuries-old cultivation techniques contribute to producing some of the best rice varieties in the world, including the famous Basmati rice.

Q: How do the top rice mills and dealers in Pakistan ensure the quality of rice?

A: These mills and dealers employ rigorous quality control measures, leveraging modern technology and traditional knowledge. From the selection of seed to processing and packaging, every step is meticulously monitored to maintain high quality and hygiene standards.

Q: Can Pakistani rice be bought internationally?

A: Yes, many of the top rice mills and dealers in Pakistan export their products globally. Their commitment to quality and the use of state-of-the-art processing plants have garnered trust and appreciation in international markets, making Pakistani rice available worldwide.

Q: Are there sustainable practices in the Pakistani rice industry?

A: Sustainability is increasingly becoming a focus in the Pakistani rice industry. Many mills and dealers are adopting eco-friendly practices, from water-efficient farming to using renewable energy in processing plants. This not only ensures the environmental sustainability of their operations but also leads to the production of healthier and cleaner rice.

Q: How does the rice industry contribute to Pakistan’s economy?

A: The rice industry is a significant part of Pakistan’s agriculture sector and plays a vital role in its economy. It is one of the largest agricultural exports of the country, providing employment to millions and contributing substantially to Pakistan’s GDP through international trade.


Pakistan’s rice industry is not just about the volume of rice it produces but also about the quality it maintains. The country’s leading rice mills and dealers play an instrumental role in ensuring that the rich heritage of Pakistani rice is celebrated and embraced across the globe. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability has not only made them formidable in the domestic market but has also secured their positions as major contenders in the international arena. With their continued efforts, the legacy of Pakistani rice will continue to flourish, delighting palates and shaping the future of the nation’s agricultural exports.

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