Spray Paint Price in Pakistan

Spray paint has become an essential tool for creatives and artists around the world. Whether it’s for graffiti art in urban areas or DIY home projects, spray paint offers a versatile and portable way to add color and design to just about any surface. However, for those living in Pakistan, spray paint isn’t always as accessible due to its higher price point compared to other countries.

In this blog post, I’ll explore why spray paint tends to be more expensive in Pakistan and breakdown the average prices you can expect to pay for different brands and sizes available locally. As an avid graffiti artist myself, I’ve spent years tracking down affordable spray paint options in Pakistan. By the end, my goal is for you to have a better understanding of how the price of this instrumental creative medium is established in our market so you too can find quality spray paint.

Spray Paint Price List in Pakistan Today

WIN Aerosol Spray PaintN/ARs.1100
KENWOOD Aerosol Spray Paint250mlRs.700
KOBE Aerosol Spray PaintN/ARs.900
Icon Spray Paints white250mlRs.850
Toppik 27.5g Rs. 1,550
Mubah Spray Paint300gRs.360
Mubah Spray Paint metallic300gRs.520
Clear Lacquer Paint Spray400mlRs.590
Spray Paint with Multiple ColorsN/ARs.470
Mubah Spray Paint chrome300gRs.420
Kuelox Fixative Spray300mlRs.740
Local Spray Paint300gRs.299

Disclaimer: The price list provided is for reference purposes and may vary. It’s always recommended to check current prices and availability before making a purchase.

Spray paint is a convenient and versatile medium that allows for quick and even application on various surfaces. It offers a wide range of colors, finishes, and effects, making it a popular choice for everything from home decor to automotive projects. The price of spray paint can vary based on several factors, including quality, brand reputation, quantity, packaging, and special features.

Understanding Spray Paint

Spray paint is a type of paint that is stored in a pressurized container and released through a nozzle when sprayed. It consists of three main components: pigments, binders, and solvents. Pigments provide color and opacity, binders hold the pigments together and adhere them to the surface, and solvents thin the paint for easy application.

Factors Affecting Spray Paint Prices

Several factors influence the pricing of spray paint in Pakistan.

1. Quality of Paint: High-quality spray paint tends to be more expensive due to superior pigments, binders, and overall performance. It offers better coverage, durability, and color retention.

2. Brand Reputation: These brands invest in research and development to ensure consistent performance and customer satisfaction.

3. Quantity and Packaging: The size and quantity of spray paint cans can affect the price. Larger cans may offer better value for money, especially for large-scale projects. Additionally, special packaging like multi-color packs or limited edition designs may come at a premium price.

4. Special Features: Some spray paints offer special features such as weather resistance, heat resistance, or quick-drying formulas. These added features may contribute to a higher price point, depending on the brand and product.

Popular Spray Paint Brands in Pakistan

Pakistan offers a range of spray paint brands catering to different needs and budgets.

  • WIN Aerosol Spray Paint
  • KENWOOD Aerosol Spray Paint
  • KOBE Aerosol Spray Paint
  • Icon Spray Paints
  • Toppik
  • Mubah Spray Paint
  • Clear Lacquer Paint Spray
  • Spray Paint with Multiple Colors
  • Kuelox Fixative Spray
  • Local Spray Paint

Each brand offers its unique range of colors, finishes, and application areas. Prices may vary depending on the brand and the specific product.

Different Types of Spray Paint

Spray paint is available in various types, each designed for specific applications. Here are some common types you’ll find in the market:

  • Acrylic Spray Paint: Ideal for general-purpose use, acrylic spray paint offers a wide range of colors and finishes. It dries quickly and provides good coverage on different surfaces.
  • Enamel Spray Paint: Known for its durability and glossy finish, enamel spray paint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It provides a hard, protective coating and excellent color retention.
  • Metallic Spray Paint: If you’re looking to add a metallic sheen to your project, metallic spray paint is the way to go. It offers a shimmering effect and can be used on various surfaces.
  • Specialty Spray Paint: Specialty spray paints include textured finishes, glow-in-the-dark options, and high-heat resistant formulas. These are designed for specific applications and offer unique effects.

Each type of spray paint comes with its price range, depending on the brand, quality, and specific features.

Tips for Choosing the Right Spray Paint

Choosing the right spray paint can make a significant difference in the outcome of your project.

  • Application Area: Determine the surface you’ll be painting and choose a spray paint specifically formulated for that surface.
  • Quality vs. Affordability: Strike a balance between quality and affordability. Consider your project requirements and budget to make an informed decision.
  • Color and Finish: Look for a wide range of colors and finishes to ensure you find the perfect match for your project.
  • Read Reviews: Don’t forget to read customer reviews and ratings of the spray paint you’re considering.

Remember, proper surface preparation and following the manufacturer’s instructions are crucial for achieving the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is spray paint more expensive in Pakistan compared to other countries?

A: The higher cost of spray paint in Pakistan can be attributed to various factors, including import duties, limited local production, and the logistics involved in the distribution. Additionally, market demand and the value of currency also play a part in determining prices.

Q: What are some affordable spray paint options in Pakistan?

A: Brands like Mubah Spray Paint and Local Spray Paint offer more affordable options in the Pakistani market, providing a balance between cost and quality for budget-conscious consumers.

Q: How do I choose the right type of spray paint for my project?

A: The choice of spray paint should be based on the material you’re painting, the desired finish, and the specific features you might need, like weather or heat resistance. Always consider the spray paint’s formulation and compatibility with the surface to ensure the best results.

Q: Can I get multiple colors and finishes in spray paint from Pakistani brands?

A: Yes, many Pakistani brands offer a variety of colors and finishes. Check the product range of each brand for the availability of your preferred options.

Q: Are there any special considerations when using spray paint for art projects?

A: When using spray paint for art projects, it’s essential to work in a well-ventilated area, use appropriate protective gear, and apply thin coats to avoid drips. Also, some artists prefer to use spray paints with specific nozzles for different spray patterns and effects.


Spray paint opens up endless possibilities for creative expression, whether you’re working on art projects, home decor, or even automotive restoration. Understanding the factors that influence spray paint prices in Pakistan, exploring different brands and types, and making informed choices can help you achieve the desired results within your budget. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and transform your ideas into reality with the power of spray paint!

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