Sabroso Products Price List in Pakistan

If you’re looking for delicious and convenient frozen chicken options, then you won’t want to miss out on Sabroso. This Pakistani brand burst onto the scene in 2018 and quickly gained recognition thanks to their catchy ads and high-quality products. What’s most interesting about Sabroso, however, is their choice of name. Despite being a Pakistani brand, they’ve gone with a Spanish name that means “tasty and delicious”. This unique choice perfectly encapsulates their commitment to providing consumers with poultry products of only the highest quality. So, if you’re in the market for frozen chicken, be sure to check out Sabroso’s range of products we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the flavors and the prices!

Sabroso Products Price List in Pakistan

Sabroso products are definitely worth a try! With a price range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000, these delicious goodies not only fit any budget, they are also a great treat for your taste buds. From delectable chicken nuggets to crispy chicken burger patties, Sabroso offers a wide range of products that cater to your cravings. Whether it’s a quick snack or a mini feast, Sabroso has something for everyone. So, why not indulge in these affordable goodies and enjoy a snack that is not only pocket-friendly but also lip-smackingly delicious? Try Sabroso products today and you won’t regret it!

Sabroso Ready to Cook Products Prices

Aqua Buddies (Economy Pack)PKR 1,000
Aqua Buddies (Standard Pack)PKR 445
Burger Patty (Economy Pack)PKR 1,225
Burger Patty (Standard Pack)PKR 465
Chapli Kabab (Economy Pack)PKR 970
Chapli Kabab (Standard Pack)PKR 455
Chicken Donuts (Economy Pack)PKR 1,025
Chicken Donuts (Standard Pack)PKR 520
Chicken Kachori (Single Pack)PKR 555
Chicken Pakora (Single Pack)PKR 445
Chicken Samosa (Economy pack)PKR 910
Chicken Samosa (Standard Pack)PKR 455
Chicorn Fries (Single Pack)PKR 950
Crispy Burger Patty (Economy Pack)PKR 1,245
Crispy Burger Patty (Standard Pack)PKR 630
Crispy Chicken Strips (Single Pack)PKR 960
Crispy Poppers (Economy Pack)PKR 915
Crispy Poppers (Mega Pack)PKR 1,775
Crispy Poppers (Standard Pack)PKR 440
Kofta (Single Pack)PKR 1,170
Nuggets (Economy Pack)PKR 1,000
Nuggets (Mega Pack)PKR 1,890
Nuggets (Standard Pack)PKR 440
Shami Kabab (Single Pack)PKR 950
Tempura Nuggets (Single Pack)PKR 880
Tenderlicious Chicken Breast (Single Pack)PKR 615
Zesty Fillet (Single Pack)PKR 1,020

Sabroso Fully Cook Products Prices

Product NameRates
Chunky Bites (Single Pack)PKR 830
Fajita Topping (Single Pack)PKR 960
Gola Kabab (Single Pack)PKR 1,060
Leg Tikka (Single Pack)PKR 1,120
Seekh Kabab (Economy Pack)PKR 1,060
Seekh Kabab (Mega Pack)PKR 1,925
Shahi Tikka (Single Pack)PKR 1,050
Tikka Topping (Single Pack)PKR 960
Wingers (Single Pack)PKR 830

Sabroso Crispy Poppers Price in Pakistan

Crispy Poppers Standard Pack250 gmRs. 440
Crispy Poppers Economy Pack630 gmRs. 915
Crispy Poppers Mega Pack1.26 KgRs. 1,775

Sabroso Samosa Price List

Samosa SizeRates
Sabroso Chicken Samosa Standard Pack240 gmRs. 455
Sabroso Chicken Samosa Economy Pack500 gmRs. 910

Sabroso Nuggets Price

Sabroso Nuggets Standard Pack270 gmRs. 440
Sabroso Nuggets Economy Pack820 gmRs. 930
Sabroso Tempura Nuggets Single Pack500 gmRs. 880
Sabroso Nuggets Mega Pack1.64 KgRs. 1,890

Sabroso Paratha Price List

Sabroso ParathaRates
Plain Paratha (05 Pcs)225
Plain Paratha (20 Pcs)875
Plain Paratha (30 Pcs)1,250
Whole Wheat Paratha (05 Pcs)245
Whole Wheat Paratha (20 Pcs)920
Whole Wheat Paratha (30 Pcs)1,310

Sabroso Kabab Price in Pakistan

Chapli Kabab Economy Pack740 gmRs. 970
Shami Kabab Single Pack600 gmRs. 950
Seekh Kabab Economy Pack540 gmRs. 990
Gola Kabab Single Pack515 gmRs. 1,060
Chapli Kabab Standard Pack296 gmRs. 455
Seekh Kabab Mega Pack1.08 KgRs. 1,925

Sabroso Donuts Price in Pakistan

Donuts SizeRates
Chicken Donuts Economy Pack310 gmRs. 520
Chicken Donuts Standard Pack780 gmRs. 1025
Chicken Kachori Single PackRs. 655

Sabroso: A Name That Resonates with Flavor

Sabroso offers a wide variety of delicious options. The name ‘Sabroso’ translates to ‘tasty and delicious’ in Spanish, symbolizing our dedication to delivering exceptional flavor and satisfaction with every bite. Although an unconventional choice for a Pakistani brand, it perfectly embodies our commitment to culinary excellence.

Sabroso Products: Quality, Freshness, and Variety

Sabroso offers a diverse range of high-quality products that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you crave chicken nuggets, need some burger patties for your BBQ party, or want to spice up your meal with chicken wings and drumsticks, Sabroso has got you covered.

But, what sets Sabroso apart is their emphasis on quality, freshness, and transparency. They believe in providing customers with information about their products and sources. When you choose Sabroso, you’re not just choosing deliciousness, you’re choosing a brand that values your trust.


What is the current pricing of Sabroso products in Pakistan for the year?

The cost for Sabroso’s varied collection of frozen chicken products fluctuates between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000. The price will largely depend on the specific product that you choose.

Is Sabroso recognized for its emphasis on quality and transparency?

Indeed, Sabroso upholds a stringent focus on quality, freshness, and transparency. They make it a point to share relevant information about their products and sources with their customers.

Can you explain the significance of “Sabroso” as the brand’s name?

The term “Sabroso” carries its roots from Spanish, translating to “tasty and delectable”. Even though it may appear as an unusual choice for a business situated in Pakistan, it demonstrates the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering mouth-watering products.

What kind of products can I expect from Sabroso?

Sabroso has an extensive selection of products to cater to everyone’s liking. Their assortment includes chicken nuggets, burger patties, chicken wings, drumsticks, and many more.

Why should I consider choosing Sabroso for my meals?

Sabroso provides a diverse array of top-notch, convenient, and reasonably priced frozen chicken options. These features make it an appealing choice for individuals seeking quick, yet sumptuous meals.


To conclude, Sabroso Products has really pushed the boundaries by providing a comprehensive list of items at competitive prices in Pakistan. The selection of products is comprehensive, so shoppers are sure to find what they need. Furthermore, the affordable prices make it easier for customers to get quality products without breaking the bank. From flowers to groceries, you can save money with Sabroso Products’ price list.

Check out their collection today and save more on your next purchase! If you’re on the fence about buying something from Sabroso, remember that you won’t find these kinds of deals elsewhere in Pakistan or anywhere else around the world. There truly is no better choice than Sabroso for all your shopping needs in this country. Don’t forget to take full advantage of their wallet-friendly price list and shop smarter with Sabroso!

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