Passport Fee In Pakistan 5 Years & 10 Years

Travelling is a luxury, an adventure, and sometimes a necessity. In today’s globalized world, passports are our tickets to the exploration of different cultures, to building international relations, and even for emergencies. If you are living in Pakistan or planning to visit the country, understanding the process of acquiring or renewing a passport, along with the financial implications, is essential.

One significant change that’s come to effect is the introduction of the 10-year validity passport. In this blog post, we’ll not only explore the new 5-year and 10-year passport fee changes but also shed light on application processes for inland and overseas travelers.

Passport’s Latest New Fee 5 Years & 10 Years in Pakistan

Passport TypeValidityNumber of PagesRegular Fee (Rs)Urgent Fee (Rs)
5-year36 pages5 years9,00015,000
5-year72 pages5 years16,50027,000
10-year36 pages10 years13,50022,500
10-year72 pages10 years24,75040,500

10 Years Passport Fee in Pakistan

Passport TypeValidityNumber of PagesRegular Fee (Rs)Urgent Fee (Rs)
5-year36 pages5 years9,00015,000
5-year72 pages5 years16,50027,000
10-year36 pages10 years13,50022,500
10-year72 pages10 years24,75040,500

A Brief Overview of the Passport Application Process

Before we jump into understanding the fee changes, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the passport application process. Starting from an online application or renewal submission to an in-person visit for biometrics and documents verification, the process entails several steps that mandate both attention to detail and time.

Online Application or Renewal

The modernization of the passport process has now incorporated an online platform where applicants can fill out the necessary forms and submit the initial application or renewal request. This has significantly reduced the paperwork and the time one spends at the passport office.

Biometrics Verification

Once the online application is submitted, an appointment for biometric verification and passport photo is scheduled. For both applicants in Pakistan and those overseas, the local or designated consulate facilitates the verification process.

Issuance of Passport

The final step involves the actual processing and issuance of the passport. For standard applications, this might take a few weeks, while for expedited ones, it can be as fast as a few days.

The 10-Year Passport Era in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan recently launched a brand new E-Passport with a 10-year validity period, available for both domestic and international travel. This is a game-changer, especially for frequent travelers who can now enjoy a longer passport life span, saving time and potential inconveniences of frequent renewals.

Fee Structure Breakdown

Whether you’re applying for a 5-year or a 10-year passport, understanding the full extent of the costs is crucial. The fee structure isn’t just about the base fee of the passport itself; there are service charges, additional page charges for different passport options, and, for overseas applications, applicable taxes.

Inland Passport Application Fees

The new 10-year passport fee structure for inland applications is as below. It shows both regular and urgent application costs for varying passport pages.

Note that these fees are exclusive of taxes unless stated otherwise.

For 36 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (36 Pages): Rs. 5,500/-
  • Urgent Application (36 Pages): Rs. 8,500/-

For 72 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (72 Pages): Rs. 9,250/-
  • Urgent Application (72 Pages): Rs. 14,500/-

For 100 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (100 Pages): Rs. 10,000/-
  • Urgent Application (100 Pages): Rs. 19,000/-

Service charges will be applied on top of these costs as detailed in the application form and can vary according to the urgency of the application.

Overseas Passport Application Fees

The fee structure for the overseas passport applications is slightly different due to the inclusion of applicable taxes. Here are the costs for the 10-year passport type.

Note that these fees are exclusive of taxes unless stated otherwise.

For 36 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (36 Pages): Rs. 7,000/-
  • Urgent Application (36 Pages): Rs. 10,000/-

For 72 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (72 Pages): Rs. 10,750/-
  • Urgent Application (72 Pages): Rs. 16,000/-

For 100 Pages Passports:

  • Normal Application (100 Pages): Rs. 11,500/-
  • Urgent Application (100 Pages): Rs. 20,500/-

Similar to inland applications, service charges will be added according to the urgency of the passport application.

Understanding Service Charges

The service charges are often misunderstood and can surprise many applicants. These charges are additional fees that cover the administrative and processing costs for handling passport applications. However, they are not static and can change at the government’s discretion. To avoid any discrepancies, it’s critical to review the latest official sources for the most up-to-date service charges.

Tax Transparency for Citizens Abroad

While overseas Pakistanis benefit from the extended passport validity, it’s important to factor in the taxes that apply to their passport application. These taxes might be a point of contention for some, but ensuring tax compliance is essential for a smooth application process.

The Implications of the New Fee Structure

Beyond the numbers, the new fee structure carries significant implications for the accessibility and inclusivity of passport services in Pakistan.

Financial Accessibility

The new fee structure offers a range of passport options for differing financial capacities. By presenting a variety of validities and page counts, the government aims to ensure that every Pakistani can afford a passport without undue financial strain.

Streamlined Services

The digitization of service fees is a step towards a more streamlined and efficient passport application process. By incorporating both the application and fee submission into a single online platform, the government is simplifying the process for both the applicant and the issuing authority.

Long-Term Planning and Sustainability

Extended passport validity of 10 years promotes long-term travel planning and destination inclusion. With this, the Pakistani government is not only aligning with global practices but also promoting sustainable travel by reducing the frequency of resource-intensive renewal operations.

How to Pay the New Passport Fee

The evolved system also brings forth multiple avenues for paying the passport fee, ensuring a hassle-free experience for applicants. These options can range from online transfers to conventional over-the-counter transactions, catering to the diverse preferences and accessibilities of the Pakistani population.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can I apply for a passport online in Pakistan?

A1: Yes, you can apply for both new and renewing passports through the online application system, significantly simplifying the process and reducing the time spent at the passport office.

Q2: What are the new fees for a 5-year and a 10-year passport in Pakistan?

A2: The fee for a 5-year passport with 36 pages is Rs. 9,000 for a regular application and Rs. 15,000 for an urgent one. A 10-year passport with 36 pages costs Rs. 13,500 for a regular application and Rs. 22,500 for an urgent one.

Q3: How long does it take to process a passport application in Pakistan?

A3: The processing time for a standard passport application can take a few weeks, whereas an expedited or urgent application may be processed in just a few days.

Q4: Are there additional charges on top of the passport application fee?

A4: Yes, service charges for administrative and processing costs are applied on top of the base fee. These fees vary according to the urgency of the application and can change at the government’s discretion.

Q5: How can overseas Pakistanis pay their passport application fees?

A5: Overseas Pakistanis have multiple payment options available, including online transfers and conventional over-the-counter transactions, accommodating a wide range of preferences and accessibilities.

Q6: What is the significance of the new 10-year passport validity period?

A6: The 10-year passport validity period is designed to facilitate frequent travelers, saving time and inconvenience of frequent renewals, and align with global practices promoting sustainable travel.

Q7: How has the passport application process been modernized in Pakistan?

A7: Pakistan has modernized the passport application process by introducing an online platform for form submission and fee payment, thereby streamlining the process for both applicants and authorities.


Innovation and adaptability are at the core of the recent reforms in Pakistan’s passport service. The new fee structure underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the passport issuance and renewal process, making it more affordable and convenient for all. By understanding and utilizing these changes, every Pakistani can now engage with the world with greater ease and foresight.

For further details and inquiries, you can visit the official website of the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports or reach out to the nearest passport office. It is also advisable to stay updated with any new changes by regularly checking official announcements.

Your passport paves the way for you to explore the world, and with these new reforms, it’s easier than ever to obtain. Prepare your documents, plan your travels, and step forward into the global community with pride and readiness. Safe travels!

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