PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 Ceiling,AC/DC,Pedestal Exhaust Bracket Fans

The Pakistani market in 2024 has seen a variety of PAK fans catering to diverse needs and preferences, with ceiling, AC/DC, pedestal, and exhaust bracket fans all having their unique price points. Ceiling fans remain a popular and economical choice for most households, with prices depending on features such as energy efficiency, remote control operation, and design aesthetics.

The innovative AC/DC fans are priced higher, valued for their versatility and ability to operate on alternate power sources during outages a common occurrence in various regions. Pedestal fans are sought after for their portability and adjustable height features, and exhaust bracket fans are essential for ventilation, with prices varied based on size and extraction capacity. Together, these PAK fan models offer a range to suit every budget and functional requirement in Pakistan’s diverse climatic conditions.

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

The market landscape for PAK fans in Pakistan is highly varied, offering a range of options to cater to different needs and budgets. Prices start from an affordable Rs.8000, stretching up to Rs.24000, for models equipped with advanced features. Consumers can find basic ceiling fans at the starting price, while the higher-end models often include energy-efficient designs, superior aesthetics, and enhanced durability. Each increment in price typically correlates with an increase in performance, feature set, and sometimes, smart capabilities that allow integration with home automation systems.

PAK Fan Ceiling Fans Price List in Pakistan

PAK Fan Ceiling Fans ModelPrices in Pakistan
Deluxe Ceiling FanRs.8,995
Jazz Ceiling FanRs.7,770
Classic Super Ceiling FanRs.7,900
Classic Ceiling FanRs.7,495
Classic Gold Ceiling FanRs.7,595
Classic Silver Ceiling FanRs.7,995
Hilux Ceiling FanRs.7,595
Golden Eye Ceiling FanRs.7,995
Galaxy Gold Ceiling FanRs.7,995
VIP Ceiling FanRs.8,745
Galaxy Big Ceiling FanRs.8,745
Super DeluxeRs.8,745
Premio BigRs.8,745
Smart Ceiling FanRs.8,745
Dynasty Ceiling FanRs.8,995
VIP DecorationRs.8,745
Decora ClassicRs.8,795
Floral FlowersRs.9,395
Floral BlessRs.9,395
Floral KidsRs.9,395
Diamond PlusRs.9,695

PAK Fan AC/DC Solar Price List in Pakistan

PAK Fan AC/DCPrice in Pakistan
Aspire AC/DCRs.10,045
Pride AC/DCRs.9,695
Deluxe AC/DCRs.8,695
Crystal AC/DCRs.8,695
Floral AC/DCRs.9,195
Diamond AC/DCRs.9,195
Pedestal AC/DC InverterRs.9,345
Antique AC/DCRs.11,345

PAK Fan Pedestal Fan Price List in Pakistan

PAK Fan Pedestal FanPrices in Pakistan
Pedestal IndustrialRs.13,000
NTCP RemoteRs.10,195
Pedestal Industrial NewRs.12,045
Pedestal Industrial New 3BRs.17,645
Pedestal Industrial 3BRs.16,895
Pedestal StandardRs.16,495
Pedestal MistRs.22,595

PAK Fan Bracket Fan Price List in Pakistan

PAK Fan Bracket FanPrice in Pakistan
Circo IndustrialRs.7,695
Bracket Auto RemoteRs.8,945
Super King NewRs.8,420
Deluxe NewRs.8,320
Deluxe IndustrialRs.7,695
Super King VIPRs.8,695
Mega BracketRs.8,595
BracketRs. 11,895

PAK Exhaust Fans Price List in Pakistan

PAK Exhaust FansPrice in Pakistan
Window ExhaustRs.2,245
Exhaust False CeilingRs.3,295
Exhaust Metal SquareRs.4,195
Exhuast Single ActionRs.4,795
Exhaust Metal RoundRs.4,745
Exhaust Double ActionRs.4,795
Exhaust Metal BlackRs.4,645
Exhaust False Ceiling NewRs.3,495

Pak Louvre Fans Price in Pakistan

Pak Louvre FansPrice in Pakistan
Louvre BracketRs.6,895
Louvre PedestalRs.7,995
Louvre BasketRs.7,495
Louvre Pedestal RemoteRs.8,795
Louvre BoxRs.7,495
Louvre Bracket RemoteRs.7,895
False Ceiling LouvreRs.9,045

PAK Fan Table Fan Price List in Pakistan

PAK Fan Table FanPrice in Pakistan
Table Fan Band SwitchRs.5,645
Table Fan Rotary SwitchRs.7,795
Meeran modelRs. 8,895

Types Of Pakfans In Pakistan

As the mercury rises in Pakistan, fans become more than a convenience they are a necessity. Whether you are updating your home, office, or just looking for relief from the heat, it’s important to understand your options. This comprehensive guide will take you through the different types of PAK fans available in the market in 2024, their prices, and what features they offer to help you make an informed decision.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a staple in most Pakistani households, known for their effectiveness in circulating air and keeping rooms comfortably cool. PAK Fan offers a vast array of ceiling fans catering to different tastes and budgets. Here’s a glance at some of the models and their prices:

  • Deluxe Ceiling Fan – Rs.8,995
  • Jazz Ceiling Fan – Rs.7,770
  • Galaxy Gold Ceiling Fan – Rs.7,995
  • VIP Ceiling Fan – Rs.8,745
  • Dynasty Ceiling Fan – Rs.8,995

When choosing a ceiling fan, consider factors such as the size of the room, ceiling height, design preferences, and energy efficiency. Look for models like the ‘Smart Ceiling Fan’ or ‘Waterproof’ for their innovative features and cost-saving benefits.

AC/DC Fans

The AC/DC fans by PAK Fan present a versatile option for those looking for fans that can operate on both alternate and direct currents. Given the energy situation in Pakistan, these can be a lifesaver during power outages. For 2024, here are a few picks and their prices:

  • Aspire AC/DC – Rs.10,045
  • Pride AC/DC – Rs.9,695
  • Deluxe AC/DC – Rs.8,695

Comparing AC and DC fans, the latter often provide better energy efficiency and lower power consumption, albeit sometimes at a higher initial cost.

Pedestal Fans

A popular choice for those requiring mobility and powerful airflow, pedestal fans are versatile in application. PAK Fan supplies a variety of models suited for domestic and industrial use:

  • NTCPR – Rs.9,095
  • Pedestal Industrial – Rs.13,000
  • Pedestal Mist – Rs.22,595

Adjustability in height and oscillation options are essential considerations with pedestal fans. They are excellent for targeted cooling and ventilation in larger spaces.

Exhaust Fans

A necessity in kitchens and bathrooms, exhaust fans help manage odors and moisture, keeping these areas fresh and mold-free. Here are some PAK Fan exhaust fan offerings:

  • Window Exhaust – Rs.2,245
  • Exhaust False Ceiling New – Rs.3,495
  • Exhaust Double Action – Rs.4,795

When shopping for exhaust fans, look for noise levels you’re comfortable with and ensure the airflow capacity matches the size of the area where it will be installed.

Bracket Fans

Bracket fans offer a practical solution for tight spaces or specific cooling needs. Easy to install and versatile, these fans come in a range of styles and prices:

  • Super King VIP – Rs.8,695
  • Circo Industrial – Rs.7,695
  • Deluxe Industrial – Rs.7,695

As with other fan types, assess the space where the bracket fan will be mounted, consider the portability you desire, and choose a model that fits both your price range and your cooling needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What types of PAK fans are available in the Pakistani market?

A1: The Pakistani market in 2024 offers various types of PAK fans, including ceiling fans, AC/DC fans, pedestal fans, exhaust fans, and bracket fans, each catering to different needs and preferences.

Q2: What are the price ranges for PAK fans in Pakistan?

A2: Prices for PAK fans range from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 24000, depending on the model and features, with basic models being more affordable and high-end models offering advanced features like energy efficiency and smart home integration.

Q3: Which PAK fan is considered the most economical choice for households?

A3: Ceiling fans are considered an economical choice for most households, with prices varying based on features such as energy efficiency, remote control operation, and design aesthetics.

Q4: Are there any PAK fans that can operate during power outages?

A4: Yes, the innovative AC/DC PAK fans are designed to operate on alternate power sources and are highly valued for their versatility during frequent power outages.

Q5: What factors should I consider when choosing a PAK ceiling fan?

A5: When selecting a PAK ceiling fan, consider the size of the room, ceiling height, design preferences, energy efficiency, and additional features like smart capabilities or waterproofing.

Q6: Why might someone choose a pedestal fan over other types?

A6: Pedestal fans are favored for their portability, adjustable height, and powerful airflow, making them versatile for both domestic and industrial use, especially in larger spaces.

Q7: What should I look for in an exhaust fan?

A7: For exhaust fans, consider the noise level, the airflow capacity to match the room size, and features like single or double action for optimal ventilation.

Q8: How do I decide which PAK fan is right for me?

A8: Decide based on the specific cooling needs of your space, your budget, desired features, and the fan’s energy consumption and efficiency. High-quality fans can offer long-term savings and greater comfort.


Understanding the full spectrum of fan types and their associated costs is critical in making a purchase, particularly considering the hot climate in Pakistan. Remember to not only consider price but also to pay close attention to features, energy consumption, and efficiency. High-quality fans like those offered by PAK Fan can lead to long-term savings and a more comfortable living space.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect ceiling swirl, a reliable source of cool during load-shedding with an AC/DC fan, the strategic positioning of pedestal fans, the necessity-driven exhaust variants, or the specific aim of bracket fans, this guide provides the price knowledge you need to make an informed and cool-headed decision.

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