Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan

The machinery and devices we rely on daily are only as good as their power source, and when it comes to reliable batteries in Pakistan, Osaka stands out for its quality and performance across various applications. As an essential component of modern life, the battery market is a dynamic sector, with prices and technologies shaping consumer choices. In this comprehensive overview, I will dissect the intricate world of batteries, focusing on the prominent Osaka brand, and how its prices impact consumers in Pakistan.

Osaka Battery Price List in Pakistan

ProductSeriesPrice (Retail)Tax (18%)Total Price
Super 4Motorcycle1,015.00183.001,198.00
Super 6Motorcycle1,982.00356.762,338.76
Super 7Motorcycle1,982.00356.762,338.76
Super 8Motorcycle2,513.00452.342,965.34
Super 10Motorcycle3,186.00573.483,759.48
Supreme 4Motorcycle1,381.00248.581,629.58
Supreme 4 GELMotorcycle1,392.00250.561,642.56
Supreme 6Motorcycle2,390.00430.202,820.20
Supreme 8Motorcycle3,221.00579.783,800.78
Supreme 10Motorcycle4,177.00751.864,928.86
SOLAR 50Solar7,316.001,316.888,632.88
MF 40GENMaintenance Free7,139.001,285.028,424.02
MF 50 R/LMaintenance Free11,363.002,045.3413,408.34
MF 60 R/LMaintenance Free12,886.002,319.4815,205.48
MF 70 R/L (Thin/Thick Pole)Maintenance Free13,700.002,466.0016,166.00
MF 72 R/L (Thin/Thick Pole)Maintenance Free15,045.002,708.1017,753.10
MF 75 R/LMaintenance Free14,774.002,659.3217,433.32
MF 80 R/LMaintenance Free17,346.003,122.2820,468.28
MF 100 R/LMaintenance Free20,001.003,600.1823,601.18
MF 110 R/LMaintenance Free22,774.004,099.3226,873.32
MF DIN 55DIN24,013.004,322.3428,335.34
MF DIN 66DIN27,848.005,012.6432,860.64
MF DIN 88DIN35,990.006,478.2042,468.20
IPS 1200IPS38,114.006,860.5244,974.52
IPS 1300IPS41,241.007,423.3848,664.38
IPS 1600IPS45,017.008,103.0653,120.06
IPS 2000IPS49,265.008,867.7058,132.70
TA 1200Tubular Plate50,386.009,069.4859,455.48
TA-1500Tubular Plate46,374.008,347.3254,721.32
TA-1600Tubular Plate52,746.009,494.2862,240.28
TA-1700Tubular Plate58,292.0010,492.5668,784.56
TA-2000Tubular Plate72,216.0012,998.8885,214.88
TA-1800Tubular Plate56,522.0010,173.9666,695.96
TA-2500Tubular Plate72,983.0013,137.5486,120.54
TA-3000Tubular Plate84,016.0015,122.8899,138.88

When it comes to choosing the right battery for your vehicle or power needs, it can be an overwhelming process. Batteries are not only the lifeblood of our automobiles but also the unsung heroes of many other electronic devices and equipment. Understanding the important features and prices of different battery types is critical to making a well-informed decision.

If you are in the market for reliable and durable batteries in Pakistan, Osaka batteries are a household name that stands for quality and performance. To help you understand the various models at your disposal, we’ve compiled a detailed Osaka battery price list to demystify the range of options available and simplify your shopping experience.

Unveiling the Osaka Battery in Pakistan

Here is a comprehensive list of Osaka battery prices across different series available in Pakistan:

Motorcycle Batteries

  • Super 4: PKR 1,015.00
  • Super 6: PKR 1,982.00
  • Super 7: PKR 1,982.00
  • Super 8: PKR 2,513.00
  • Super 10: PKR 3,186.00
  • Supreme 4: PKR 1,381.00
  • Supreme 4 GEL: PKR 1,392.00
  • Supreme 6: PKR 2,390.00
  • Supreme 8: PKR 3,221.00
  • Supreme 10: PKR 4,177.00
  • NP5-12: PKR 2,183.00
  • NP7-12: PKR 2,826.00
  • NP12-12: PKR 4,590.00
  • 6-GFM-18: PKR 6,573.00

Solar Batteries

  • SOLAR 50: PKR 7,316.00
  • SR100A: PKR 16,284.00

Automotive Batteries

  • LT190: PKR 37,465.00
  • LT200: PKR 42,480.00
  • MF 40 GEN: PKR 7,139.00
  • MF 50 R/L: PKR 11,363.00
  • MF 60 R/L: PKR 12,886.00
  • MF 70 R/L (Thin/Thick Pole): PKR 13,700.00
  • MF 72 R/L (Thin/Thick Pole): PKR 15,045.00
  • MF 75 R/L: PKR 14,774.00
  • MF 80 R/L: PKR 17,346.00
  • MF 100 R/L: PKR 20,001.00
  • MF 110 R/L: PKR 22,774.00
  • MF DIN 55: PKR 24,013.00
  • MF DIN 66: PKR 27,848.00
  • MF DIN 88: PKR 35,990.00

Inverter and UPS Batteries

  • IPS 1200: PKR 38,114.00
  • IPS 1300: PKR 41,241.00
  • IPS 1600: PKR 45,017.00
  • IPS 2000: PKR 49,265.00
  • TA 1200 Tubular Plate: PKR 50,386.00
  • TA-1500 Tubular Plate: PKR 46,374.00
  • TA-1600 Tubular Plate: PKR 52,746.00
  • TA-1700 Tubular Plate: PKR 58,292.00
  • TA-1800 Tubular Plate: PKR 56,522.00
  • TA-2000 Tubular Plate: PKR 72,216.00
  • TA-2500 Tubular Plate: PKR 72,983.00
  • TA-3000 Tubular Plate: PKR 84,016.00

Understanding Osaka’s Range of Products

Motorcycle Batteries

For the two-wheel enthusiasts, Osaka offers a diverse range of batteries to suit various motorbike models and engine sizes. The Super series, including Super 4 to Super 10, caters to different power needs for regular and heavy-duty bikes. The Supreme series, with its advanced GEL technology, is designed for higher performance and durability, making it an ideal choice for rugged terrains and extreme temperatures. Meanwhile, the NP range, available in 5-12, 7-12, and 12-12, provides maintenance-free power for your convenience.

Solar Batteries

In the realm of solar energy, Osaka’s dedicated solar battery lineup ensures a stable and renewable power solution. The SOLAR 50 and SR100A guarantee a long lifespan and optimal performance under constant charging and discharging cycles typical of solar applications.

Automotive Batteries

Being one of the top battery brands for automobiles, Osaka’s automotive batteries come in a variety of types and sizes to accommodate different vehicles and driving conditions. The LT series offers standard Lead-Acid technology for cost-effective solutions, while the maintenance-free MF series caters to those seeking convenience without compromise on performance. The range includes options like the MF 40 GEN for smaller vehicles, the powerful MF 110 R/L for heavy-duty applications, and the MF DIN series for specific European car models.

Inverter and UPS Batteries

Power backup solutions are critical in an environment where electric supply can be unreliable. Osaka’s inverter and UPS batteries, available in various ampere-hour capacities and technologies, ensure a consistent and stable power source for both home and business environments. The IPS and TA series, featuring tubular plate design, provide deep cycle capabilities suitable for inverters and UPS systems.

Differentiating Factors and Features of Osaka Batteries

To make the right battery choice, several features need to be weighed against your specific needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Battery Capacity

The capacity of a battery is a measure of the charge it can store and deliver for a particular application. It is typically denoted in ampere-hours (Ah). Choosing a battery with the right capacity ensures it can meet the power demands of your vehicle or device over the intended period without the need for excessive charging cycles.

Battery Type and Technology

Osaka offers a selection of battery types tailored for diverse applications. Lead-Acid batteries are the traditional choice and the most economical. Maintenance-free (MF) batteries feature advanced technology that allows for hassle-free use, while the GEL series provides enhanced longevity and spill-proof operation.

Environmental Considerations

For eco-conscious consumers, the environmental impact of their battery choice is a significant factor. Selecting a battery with improved energy efficiency and longer lifespan, such as Osaka’s range with GEL technology, can be a more sustainable choice.

Choosing the Right Osaka Battery for Your Needs

Selecting the right battery isn’t just about finding the lowest price or the most features. It’s about understanding your usage patterns and the specific requirements of your vehicle or device. Here’s a comprehensive approach to help you make the correct choice:

Assess Your Power Needs: Calculate the power requirements of your application to determine the appropriate battery capacity.

Consider Lifecycle Costs: A higher initial investment on a quality battery with a longer lifespan may result in lower overall costs compared to frequent replacements.

Evaluate Environmental Impact: If sustainability is a concern, opt for batteries with energy-efficient technologies and longer operating lives.

Consult with Experts: If you’re unsure about which battery is best for you, don’t hesitate to consult with a battery specialist or the retailer to get professional advice tailored to your situation.

Read Reviews: Customer reviews and experiences with a particular battery model can often provide valuable insights that specification sheets do not.

Making the Purchase

Understanding the price breakdown will give you a clear understanding of what you are paying for before making the final purchase. Be sure to inquire about warranties and after-sales services to ensure peace of mind and a good customer experience.

Osaka is committed to providing high-quality, durable batteries for every power need. With the information provided, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision about the Osaka battery that’s right for you. Whether it’s for your motorcycle, car, solar power setup, or home inverter, Osaka batteries offer a wide selection to keep you powered up with confidence.

Remember, a battery is an investment. The right choice can enhance the performance of your vehicle or equipment and, in the long run, save you time and money. Dig into the specifics, understand the features, and make a wise selection from Osaka’s inventory. It’s not just about the price; it’s about the value and quality you receive in return for your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why are Osaka batteries considered reliable?

A: Osaka batteries are reputable for their consistent quality and performance. They are designed to meet a variety of power needs and are known for their durability, which makes them a preferred choice among Pakistani consumers.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a battery for my motorcycle?

A: When selecting a battery for your motorcycle, consider the power requirements, compatibility with your motorcycle model, and whether you prefer traditional or maintenance-free batteries. Osaka’s range, from Super 4 to Supreme 10 and the NP series, offers various options to suit different needs.

Q: Are there environmentally friendly options in Osaka’s battery range?

A: Yes, Osaka offers batteries that are more environmentally friendly, such as those with GEL technology, which are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, reducing waste and frequent replacement.

Q: Can I use Osaka batteries for solar power systems?

A: Absolutely, Osaka has a dedicated lineup of solar batteries like the SOLAR 50 and SR100A that are designed for the specific demands of solar power systems, ensuring stable and renewable energy supply.

Q: What type of batteries does Osaka provide for automobiles?

A: Osaka provides a variety of automobile batteries including the Lead-Acid LT series for a cost-effective solution, and the maintenance-free MF series for convenience and performance. The MF series includes batteries suitable for all sizes of vehicles.

Q: How do I choose the right Osaka battery for my inverter or UPS?

A: For inverters and UPS systems, you will need a battery that offers deep cycle capabilities and can handle multiple charge-discharge cycles. The IPS and TA series are designed for this purpose, available in various capacities to match your power backup requirements.

Q: What factors differentiate Osaka batteries from other brands?

A: Osaka batteries stand out due to their combination of advanced technology, range of capacity options, environmentally considerate choices, and commitment to quality and performance which cater to a wide array of power needs for consumers in Pakistan.

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