Mini Room Fridge Price In Pakistan

Mini room fridges are a staple for small spaces these days. However, figuring out what mini room fridge is best for your needs without overpaying has been a challenge. Until now. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll break down the top mini room fridge options currently available in Pakistan and help you determine the right size, features and price point for your budget and lifestyle. We’ll compare brands like LG, Samsung, Haier and more to uncover the best combinations of capacity, power consumption, shelves, door bins and price. By the end, you’ll feel confident making an informed mini room fridge purchase decision that saves you both money and space in your home. Let’s get started exploring the mini fridge market in Pakistan!

Mini Room Fridge Price In Pakistan

Mini Room FridgePrice In Pakistan
Dawlance 9101 R Bedroom size RefrigaratorRs. 44,999
Sogo (12) Volt Solar Refrigerator 60 LiterRs.45,000
Gaba National GNR-187 GD- Two Glass door RefrigeratorRs.62,000
West WF-205GS Point RefrigeratorRs.61,000
PEL PRLP 1100 SD Life Pro Series RefrigeratorRs.50,000
GNR-187SS – Two Door RefrigeratorRs.61,000
Orient 3.5 Cu 114F Mini Max RefrigeratorRs.40,000
Haier HR-72BL Mini Cool FridgeRs.60,000
Mega 90 Ltrs. Bottle Chiller Visi Cooler Can Beverage RefrigeratorRs.77,000
Enviro ERF 55 Mini FridgeRs.40,000
Insignia Black Mini FridgeRs.45,000
Panatron Bedroom Size Refrigerator PT-65Rs.45,000
Esquire Double Door Refrigerator ESQ-65Rs.61,000
Nikai Room Refrigerators NRF125SS1Rs.51,000
Galanz 4.3 Cu ft Single Door Mini FridgeRs.62,130
Frigidaire EFMIS129-REDRs.20,000
Lurella Mini FridgeRs.21,000
Frigidaire Portable Mini FridgeRs.25,000
Esquire Mini refrigerator HM-15Rs.45,000
RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubc Foot 2 Door FridgeRs.173,438
Hisense 44l Single Door Mini RefrigeratorRs. 90,438
YSSOA 4L Mini FridgeRs.20,638
Waves Galaxy Glass Series ggs wr 311 brown 11 cftRs.86,208
BANGSON Compact FridgeRs.61,208
Kenwood KRF-109 4 cuft Single Door RefrigeratorRs.51,000
Honeywell Compact Refrigerator Rs.60,000
Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door RefrigeratorRs.99,000
Kenwood KRF-90 Direct Cool RefrigeratorRs.49,000

List of Best Small Mini Fridge in Pakistan With Prices

Keeping your food and beverages fresh and cool has never been easier with mini fridges! If you’re looking for the best small mini fridge in Pakistan, we’ve compiled a list just for you. These compact fridges are perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, and offices. Whether you need to store your cold drinks, leftovers or snacks, we have options ranging from simple designs to more advanced features like temperature control. And the best part? They won’t break the bank! Check out our list of the top-rated mini fridges in Pakistan, complete with their prices, to find the perfect one for your needs.

1.Dawlance 9101 R Bedroom size Refrigarator

Finding the perfect small refrigerator for your bedroom can be a challenging task, but look no further than the Dawlance 9101 R. This mini fridge is specifically designed to fit in small spaces and complement your bedroom’s ambiance. With a 12-year compressor warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that this fridge is built to last. Additionally, it’s energy-efficient, using only 35% of the energy of other fridges thanks to ES technology and R600A refrigerant. In the event of a power breakdown, this mini fridge maintains its cooling and also boasts an inner freezer door in the single door series to keep your food and drinks perfectly chilled. Measuring at 840 x 490 x 515mm, the Dawlance 9101 R is the best small mini fridge in Pakistan at an affordable price of Rs. 44,999.

2.Sogo (12) Volt Solar Refrigerator 60 Liter

The SOGO (12) Volt Solar Refrigerator 60 Liter is the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. With its 12Volts operating voltage, it is solar and battery compatible, making it the perfect choice for those who want to go green. It runs on as low as low current drawing, making it energy-efficient as well. With its 60-liter capacity, there is ample space for all your favorite foods and drinks.

The separate room for freezer and separate room for fridge ensures that you can easily store all your items without having to worry about mixing them up. The adjustable shelf is a handy feature that allows you to customize the fridge to your needs. SOGO is a well-known and reliable brand in Pakistan, and this product is no exception. With its original design and top-notch manufacturing, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product. At just Rs.45,000, this fridge is an excellent investment that you won’t regret.

3.Gaba National GNR-187 GD- Two Glass door Refrigerator

The Gaba National GNR-187 GD is the best small mini fridge in Pakistan that you need to keep all your food and beverage items fresh and organized. With its two glass doors, you don’t have to guess what’s inside the fridge as you can see everything clearly. The two-liter bottle door storage and vegetable crisper allow for easy access and organization of your drinks and produce.

Whether you prefer your drinks cold or looking to store vegetables to keep them fresh, the mechanical temperature control with adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature to your desired level. The reversible door also makes it easy to fit the refrigerator in your kitchen layout. With a low noise design and interior light, this fridge makes for a great addition to any home. While it is quite an investment at Rs.62,000, it is a worthwhile one that will last you for years to come.

4.West WF-205GS Point Refrigerator

The West WF-205GS Point Refrigerator is making waves in the market as the best small mini fridge available in Pakistan. With a capacity of 3 cu ft or 93 LTR, it can hold all your essential items with ease. The black glass exterior adds a touch of modernity to its sleek design, making it a welcomed addition to any home. Powered by gas R134a and suitable for 220-240 V / 50 Hz, this fridge is also light enough to move around if needed with a gross weight of 26 Kg and net weight of 24.5 Kg. At a price of Rs.61,000, it offers great value for its features and specifications it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for those seeking a compact and stylish refrigerator.

5.PEL PRLP 1100 SD Life Pro Series Refrigerator

The PEL PRLP 1100 SD Life Pro Series Refrigerator is without a doubt the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. This fridge boasts a capacity of 110L, ensuring you have enough space to store all your groceries. It also has a low current consumption of 0.75Amp, which means you can save on electricity bills. Another impressive feature is the low voltage start function, which makes it easier to start the fridge even when there’s low voltage.

The mechanical temperature control is easy to use and ensures your food stays fresh for longer. A standout feature of this fridge is the purest copper inside condenser, which not only enhances cooling performance but also prevents rust. The fridge’s advanced ice-making feature is another great asset, ensuring you have ice on demand. The fridge is designed with material that keeps your food safe and protected, meaning you don’t have to worry about food spoilage. Finally, priced at only Rs.50,000, this fridge is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality mini fridge.

6.GNR-187SS – Two Door Refrigerator

The GNR-187SS two door refrigerator is the new talk of the town, especially for those living in small spaces. Compact and stylish, this fridge packs a powerful punch with a 500 watt power feature. With an adjustable thermostat, it allows you to manually control the temperature of each compartment as per your preference. The environmentally friendly technology of this mini fridge not only saves you money on your electricity bill but it is also low in noise making it perfect for your bedroom or lounge. Its reversible door makes it a convenient fit for whatever side you choose to place it on. Although it comes at a price of Rs.61,000, the specifications of this refrigerator make it worth every rupee.

7.Orient 3.5 Cu 114F Mini Max Refrigerator

The Orient 3.5 Cu 114F Mini Max Refrigerator is undoubtedly the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. With a price of Rs.40,000, it may be a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny. It’s perfect for small spaces and can easily be tucked away in any corner. What sets this mini fridge apart from others is its size and capacity. It may be small, but it has ample space to store all your favorite beverages and snacks. Not only that, but its sleek design will add an extra touch of elegance to your space. If you’re looking for a mini fridge that’s worthy of your investment, the Orient 3.5 Cu 114F is your best bet!

8.Haier HR-72BL Mini Cool Fridge

If you’re looking for a mini fridge that packs a punch, look no further than the Haier HR-72BL Mini Cool Fridge. This fridge has a gross capacity of 72 and a net capacity of 62, which is more than enough space to store all of your favorite drinks and snacks. Plus, with a sleek black color and a single door design, it looks great in any room.

It also features a direct cool cooling method and a regular compressor, ensuring that your items stay cool and fresh. And with a freezer box and one refrigerated shelf, you’ll have plenty of options to organize your items just the way you like them. While the price range may vary from Rs. 40,000 to 60,000, the Haier HR-72BL is certainly worth the investment. Overall, it’s the best small mini fridge in Pakistan that you won’t want to miss out on.

9.Mega 90 Ltrs. Bottle Chiller Visi Cooler Can Beverage Refrigerator

The Mega 90 Ltrs. Bottle Chiller Visi Cooler is the ideal mini fridge for both domestic and commercial use. Its tempered strengthened glass door not only adds a sleek touch to your space, but also allows you to easily see the contents stored inside. The multi temperature controls ensure that your beverages are kept at their optimal temperature, while the adjustable chrome shelves let you customize the arrangement of your drinks. The built-in interior light allows for easy access even in low lighting. Plus, with the auto defrost feature, maintaining this chiller is a breeze. All these amazing features can be yours for an affordable price of only Rs.77,000. Get your hands on the best small mini fridge in Pakistan today!

10.Enviro ERF 55 Mini Fridge

The Enviro ERF 55 Mini Fridge is quickly gaining popularity as the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. With its sleek and modern design, this fridge offers an elegant solution for those looking to save space without compromising on functionality. Despite its smaller size, the Enviro ERF 55 packs a punch when it comes to cooling performance, making it the perfect choice for college students or those living in apartments. At a price of Rs.40,000, the Enviro ERF 55 is a sound investment that promises to keep your food and drinks fresh and readily accessible. Say goodbye to bulky fridges and hello to the convenience of the Enviro ERF 55 Mini Fridge.

11.Insignia Black Mini Fridge

The Insignia Black Mini Fridge has quickly become the top choice for those in Pakistan seeking a reliable, compact cooling solution. Boasting an impressive 2.6 cubic feet of capacity, this pint-sized fridge is perfect for dorm rooms, small apartments, and even home offices. Its sleek black design is stylish enough to complement any room, while its 27 5/8 inch door hinge and 19 1/8 inch width make it easy to fit into tight spaces. With a price of Rs.45,000, the Insignia Black Mini Fridge offers exceptional value, and it’s no wonder why it’s considered the best small mini fridge in Pakistan.

12.Panatron Bedroom Size Refrigerator PT-65

The Panatron Bedroom Size Refrigerator PT-65 is not your ordinary mini fridge. Its stylish design makes it an attractive addition to any bedroom, while its eco-friendly features make it an environmentally conscious choice. But what really sets this fridge apart is its energy-saving capabilities. You won’t have to worry about high electricity bills with the PT-65. It’s perfect for small spaces, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a compact fridge that won’t take up too much room. With all these amazing features, it’s no wonder that the PT-65 is considered the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. At a price of Rs.45,000, it’s definitely worth the investment.

13.Esquire Double Door Refrigerator ESQ-65

The Esquire Double Door Refrigerator ESQ-65 is truly the best small mini fridge available in Pakistan. Despite its compact size, this little fridge boasts a spacious refrigerator compartment with 61 liters of volume, and a convenient freezer compartment with 27 liters of space. With manual defrost and a power input of 90 watts, it’s also easy on your energy bills. And though it may be small in stature, it’s big in style, with a sleek, modern design that is sure to complement any kitchen décor. At a price of Rs.61,000, this mini fridge is a great investment for those who want quality, style and convenience in a compact package.

14.Nikai Room Refrigerators NRF125SS1

The Nikai Room Refrigerator NRF125SS1 is quickly becoming the most popular and highly recommended mini fridge in Pakistan. With its advanced temperature control, chiller compartment, and vegetable crisper, it keeps all of your items fresh and cool, while still being environmentally conscious with its CFC-free refrigerant. The lock and key feature makes it perfect for shared spaces or dorm rooms, giving you the peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.

Plus, its sleek and modern design in silver, white or PCM finish, allows it to fit seamlessly into any room. The Nikai Room Refrigerator is equipped with an internal condenser that is efficient and reliable. Made in China, the fridge boasts dimensions of 473 X 465 X 836 and has a packing of 515 X 475 X 861. With a stuffing of 344 in a 40 HC, you can be confident in knowing that it is both spacious and compact. Although it’s not the cheapest mini fridge on the market at Rs.51,000, the quality and features make it worth the investment.

15.Galanz 4.3 Cu ft Single Door Mini Fridge

The Galanz 4.3 Cu ft Single Door Mini Fridge is the talk of the town in Pakistan, and for good reason. This beautifully-designed mini fridge weighs in at 58.4 lbs and has a model number of GL43S5, manufactured by Zhongshan Galanz Consumer Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. The fridge comes packed with features such as reversible door hinges, adjustable racks, and removable shelves. Not to mention, it can create cubed ice and has three glass shelves, one drawer, and one bin. Its dimensions measure 22.01 x 19.92 x 32.91 inches (55.9 x 50.6 x 83.6 cm). The fridge’s price of Rs.62130 may seem steep, but it’s worth it for the best small mini fridge available in Pakistan.

16.Frigidaire EFMIS129-RED

The Frigidaire EFMIS129-RED Mini Fridge is the best small mini fridge in all of Pakistan. This mini portable compact personal fridge cooler is perfect for those who are always on the go. With a 1 gallon capacity and the ability to hold up to 6 cans, it’s the perfect size for any office, bedroom, or dorm room. Plus, with a sleek and stylish design, it’s not just functional but also looks great too. It’s priced at Rs.20,000, which is a great value for the quality of this fridge. If you’re in the market for a mini fridge, the Frigidaire EFMIS129-RED Mini Fridge is a must-have!

17.Lurella Mini Fridge

The Lurella Mini Fridge is the best small mini fridge currently available in Pakistan. Measuring at 9.96 x 7.56 x 11.00 inches and only weighing 5lbs, this compact fridge is perfect for those who have limited space but still want to keep their favorite beverages and snacks chilled. Although the fridge’s voltage is 110/120, the good news is that an adapter is provided so you can plug it in anywhere. At a price of Rs.21,000, the Lurella Mini Fridge is a great investment for anyone who wants to add a touch of convenience and sophistication to their home or office.

18.Frigidaire Portable Mini Fridge

The Frigidaire Portable Mini Fridge is a game-changer for those who are always on the go and need a compact refrigerator to keep their drinks and snacks cool and fresh. This 10-litre fridge has the capacity to store up to 15 cans, making it perfect for small apartments, college dorm rooms, and road trips. The brushed stainless design gives it a sleek and modern look, while its rugged construction ensures durability and longevity. The price of this mini fridge is Rs. 25,000, which is a small price to pay for the convenience and comfort that it offers. If you are looking for the best small mini fridge in Pakistan, the Frigidaire Portable Mini Fridge should be at the top of your list.

19.Esquire Mini refrigerator HM-15

The Esquire Mini refrigerator HM-15 has emerged as the best option for those who are looking for a small yet efficient mini fridge in Pakistan. Its super-fast cooling, cellular foaming, and water evaporated pan make it a unique machine that can keep your drinks cool at a temperature of 50 C.

What’s best is that the Esquire Mini fridge is backed by an impressive energy-saving feature that can save up to 30% energy consumption. With a net weight of 33 kg and dimensions measuring 480x485x855 (WxDxH)mm, it’s easy to find a spot for this compact-sized fridge. And the best part it works silently, making it an excellent option for your residential or office space. With all these impressive features, the Esquire Mini refrigerator HM-15 comes at a reasonable price of Rs. 45,000 an investment that will earn its worth in no time!

20.RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubc Foot 2 Door Fridge

The RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubic Foot 2 Door Fridge is making waves in Pakistan as the best small mini fridge on the market. With its sleek and compact design, this fridge is perfect for small spaces and individuals who don’t need a full-size refrigerator. And don’t let its size fool you this fridge has 2 doors and 3.2 cubic feet of space to keep all your favorite snacks and drinks at the perfect temperature. The price may seem a bit steep at Rs.173,438, but the quality and convenience of this mini fridge make it worth every penny. Say goodbye to warm drinks and melted ice cream the RCA-Igloo 3.2 Cubic Foot 2 Door Fridge has got you covered.

21.Hisense 44l Single Door Mini Refrigerator

The Hisense 44 L 1 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator RR60D4ASB1, Silver is the perfect solution for those searching for a small and economical refrigerator. With a capacity of 44 litres, it may be small in size, but it offers big space. The fridge is fitted with a bottle bin that can accommodate 2-liter bottles and a wire shelf to help you organize your items easily. that can be adjusted to open from either the right or left as per your convenience. The fridge has a recessed handle which is both convenient and stylish.

Designed elegantly to fit seamlessly with premium interior décor, the Hisense mini refrigerator elevates the modern aesthetic of your room. Additionally, with a one-year warranty on the product and a ten-year warranty on the compressor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your refrigerator is backed by a reliable manufacturer. Despite all these incredible features, the price is only Rs. 90,438! The Hisense 44 L 1 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Mini Refrigerator is definitely the best small mini fridge in Pakistan.

22.YSSOA 4L Mini Fridge

In a world where convenience is key, the YSSOA 4L Mini Fridge has emerged as the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. With its easy portability, compact design, and ability to both cool and warm food and drinks, this fridge is the perfect fit for any busy lifestyle. Whether you need to keep your lunch cold in the office or your drinks cool during a long road trip, this mini fridge has got you covered. And with its sleek black design, it will blend seamlessly into any setting. At a price of Rs.20,638, the YSSOA 4L Mini Fridge is a must-have for anyone looking for a practical and stylish cooling solution.

23.Waves Galaxy Glass Series ggs wr 311 brown 11 cft

The Waves Galaxy Glass Series ggs wr 311 brown 11-cft mini fridge is taking the market by storm in Pakistan. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this small refrigerator is the perfect addition to any living space. Not only does it look stunning, but it also boasts an impressive 11-cft capacity, providing ample space to store all your food and drinks. Its efficient cooling system ensures that all your items are kept at the optimal temperature. This mini fridge is a great investment for those who place a premium on style and functionality. At a price point of Rs.86,208, it may seem steep, but its high-quality features make it the best small mini fridge on the market.

24.BANGSON Compact Fridge

Are you in search of a compact fridge that won’t take up too much space but will still keep your food and drinks cold? Look no further than the BANGSON Compact Fridge- the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. Equipped with a freezer and 5 adjustable temperatures, this small refrigerator is perfect for not only dorm rooms but also bedrooms and offices. With a low noise level of just 38 dB, this fridge won’t disturb the peace while keeping your belongings cool. Plus, the reversible door allows for maximum convenience and flexibility. At a price of Rs.61,208, you won’t find a better deal on a compact fridge.

25.Kenwood KRF-109 4 cuft Single Door Refrigerator

The Kenwood KRF-109 4 cuft Single Door Refrigerator is the perfect solution for those who are in need of a small mini fridge in Pakistan. With its mechanical temperature control, you can easily adjust the temperature to your liking. The flat back and adjustable feet make it easy to fit into any space and the reversible door with anti-virus gasket will keep your food safe and secure.

You’ll appreciate the 2 glass shelves and 1 crystal drawer that will allow you to organize your groceries with ease. The 1 full crystal door balconies and 2 half stylish interior lights are sure to impress and provide ample space for all of your refrigeration needs. The large freezing capacity will ensure that your frozen items stay fresh, while the silver metallic color will add a touch of modern sophistication to your decor. At Rs.51,000, this mini fridge is a great investment for any homeowner.

26.Honeywell Compact Refrigerator 

The Honeywell Compact Refrigerator is the newest addition to the market of mini fridges in Pakistan and is the best one yet! With a .6 cubic feet capacity, this small fridge comes with a freezer compartment and adjustable temperature control settings, ideal for bedrooms, offices, and dorm rooms. Not only is this mini fridge flexible in its use, but it is also low in noise, ensuring that it won’t disturb your peaceful ambiance. With its sleek black design, it looks stunning in any space and will complement your decor. Get your hands on this fantastic refrigerator today for an affordable price of Rs.60,000 only!

27.Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door Refrigerator

The Frigidaire EFR451 2 Door Refrigerator is a game changer for those who are looking for the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. This mini fridge takes innovation to a whole new level with its 4.6 cubic feet of storage capacity, platinum series finish, and double stainless steel doors. Not only that, but it also features a freezer compartment, making it perfect for those who want to store their leftovers or ice cream without sacrificing space. While it may come at a price of Rs.99,000, it is definitely worth the investment for those who prioritize functionality and style in their living spaces.

28.Kenwood KRF-90 Direct Cool Refrigerator

The Kenwood KRF-90 Direct Cool Refrigerator is a top choice for those looking for the best small mini fridge in Pakistan. This mini-fridge offers an impressive set of features, including Multi Air Flow to ensure consistent temperatures throughout, Recessed Handle for easy access, Mechanical Temp. Control, and Manual Defrosting for easy cleaning. The Kenwood KRF-90 also comes with Adjustable Legs to ensure it’s the perfect fit for any space and a Double Door design with a sleek Silver Metallic finish that adds a touch of style to any room. At a competitive price of just Rs. 49,000, Telemart offers one of the best deals on the Kenwood KRF-90 in Pakistan. Don’t wait, start carting and shopping now at!

Why Choose a Small Mini Fridge?

Small mini fridges offer a range of advantages, making them the ideal choice for specific situations.

  1. Space-saving: With their compact size, small mini fridges can fit seamlessly into tight spaces, such as dorm rooms, small kitchens, offices, or even RVs.
  2. Portability: These fridges are lightweight and easy to move, making them perfect for those who frequently relocate or need a portable cooling solution.
  3. Energy-efficient: Many small mini fridges are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while minimizing your environmental impact.
  4. Convenience: Having a small mini fridge means having easy access to chilled beverages, snacks, and perishable items without the need for a full-sized refrigerator.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Small Mini Fridge

Before making your purchase, it’s important to consider these key factors to ensure you choose the best option for your needs:

1. Size and Capacity

Measure the available space where you plan to place the mini fridge to ensure a proper fit. Additionally, consider the internal capacity of the fridge, keeping in mind the items you intend to store.

2. Cooling Technology

There are two primary cooling technologies used in small mini fridges: compressor-based and thermoelectric. Compressor-based fridges provide stronger cooling performance, while thermoelectric fridges are more energy-efficient and operate silently.

3. Energy Efficiency

Look for a mini fridge with a high energy efficiency rating (typically denoted by an Energy Star certification). This will help reduce energy consumption and save you money in the long run.

4. Features and Functions

Consider additional features that may enhance your experience, such as adjustable temperature control, built-in freezer compartments, reversible doors, and interior lighting.

5. Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Research reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable and durable mini fridges. Take the time to read customer reviews to gain insights into real-life experiences with the specific models you are considering.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best small mini fridge for your needs can greatly enhance your convenience and lifestyle. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply looking for extra refrigeration space, a small mini fridge offers a compact and efficient cooling solution.

Before making your purchase, carefully consider the size, cooling technology, energy efficiency, additional features, and brand reputation. By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect small mini fridge that meets your specific requirements.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and recommendations to make an informed decision. Happy shopping and enjoy the convenience of your new mini fridge!

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