Loha Scrap Rate Today In Pakistan

Do you know the current market trends for scrap metals, plastics, and steel in Pakistan? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will discuss what’s driving Loha Scrap Price in Pakistan so that informed decisions can be made when it comes to buying or selling any type of scrap materials. We’ll explore how different factors like currency fluctuations, economic changes, political developments and even environmental conditions are influencing the price points. With insight into these topic areas and more from industry experts across Pakistan, get ready for a deep dive into the ever-fluctuating world of steel scrap prices today!

Loha Scrap Price Today Pakistan

Scrap Price per kg
Old Loha Scrap RateRs. 175 to Rs. 185
New Loha RateRs.340 to 440
Metal Scrap Rate Rs.280 to 1200
Nigar Scrap RatesRs. 180 to Rs. 182
Pital Scrap Rate Rs.1550 to 1660
Tamba Scrap Rate Rs.2400 to 2600
Battery Scrap RateRs. 441 to Rs. 425
Copper Scrap RateRs. 2380 to Rs. 2390
Silver Scrap PriceRs. 518 to Rs. 525
Steel Scrap RateRs. 235 to Rs. 255
Plastic Scrap RateRs. 69 to Rs. 82
Aluminium Scrap priceRs 1070 to Rs 1095
Brass Scrap RateRs. 1472 to Rs. 1482
Radi Kaghaz Scrap RateRs. 56 to Rs. 62
Plastic Pepsi Bottle PriceRs. 442 to Rs. 445
Fridge & Ac Compressor Scrap RateRs. 390 to Rs. 410
Computer Laptop Scrap Rate Rs.1100 to 6600

Old Loha Scrap Price Today Pakistan

Old Loha ScrapRates
Old Loha Scrap Per KgRs.280 to 300

The world of scrap metal may seem obscure, but for those keeping an eye on the market, the prices of old loha scrap are always a topic of interest. In Pakistan, current rates for old loha scrap are ranging from Rs. 280 to 300. With fluctuations in the economy and demand for certain materials, the prices of scrap metal can vary greatly over time, making it important for those in the industry to stay up-to-date on the latest rates. Whether you’re a scrap dealer or just a curious observer, keeping tabs on old loha scrap prices can be a fascinating insight into the world of recycling and international trade.

Tamba Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Tamba ScrapWeightRates
Tanba ScrapWeightRates
Bartan Tamba Scraps Rate1 KGRs. 2210
Desi Armature Scrap Rates1 KGRs. 2380
Thanda Tanba Scrap Price1 KGRs. 2130
Copper Tamba Scrap Prices1 KGRs. 2410

In Pakistan, the scrap rate for tamba is a topic of concern for those in the market for scrap metal. With prices ranging from Rs. 2130 to Rs. 2410 for 1 KG of copper tamba scrap, it is important to keep track of these rates and be aware of fluctuations in the market. The demand for scrap materials has increased in recent years, making it more important than ever to stay up to date on the current scrap rates. Whether you are looking to recycle or sell scrap materials, keeping track of the market value can help you make informed decisions and get the most for your investment.

Metal Steel Scrap Rate In Pakistan Today

Steel1 KGRs. 200 to 210
Compressor Tanba1 KGRs. 280 to 290
Copper1 KGRs. 1880 to 1985
Brass1 KGRs. 1100 to 1200
Hard Silver1 KGRs. 420 to 430
Soft Silver1 KGRs. 450 to 460

The metal steel scrap rate in Pakistan is an important topic for those who are in the business of recycling scrap metal. Today, the rate for steel is between Rs. 200-210 per kilogram. Other metals such as copper, compressor tanba, brass, hard silver, and soft silver also have varying rates. Copper currently has a rate of Rs. 1880-1985 per kilogram, while brass is being sold at Rs. 1100-1200 per kilogram. Those in the business know that these rates can fluctuate based on market demand and supply. Keeping an eye on these rates can help those in the business make informed decisions about buying and selling scrap metal.

Tyre Scrap Price in Pakistan

Tyre ScrapWeightRates
Bike Tyre1 KGRs.25 to 30
Car Tyre1 KGRs.32 to 38
Cycle Tyre1 KGRs.15 to 20
Bus Tyre1 KGRs.50 to 100

Tyre scrap is a crucial component of Pakistan’s recycling industry, which is growing at an impressive rate. The price of tyre scrap varies depending on the type of tyre and its weight. For example, bike tyres fetch Rs. 25 to 30 per kg, while car tyres can get Rs.32 to 38 per kg. Cycle tyres command comparatively less, around Rs.15 to 20 per kg. And if you have a truck or bus tyre, you can earn a handsome amount as they are sold at Rs.50 to 100 per kg. The tyre recycling industry not only benefits the economy but also helps reduce pollution and enhance sustainable development.

Aluminium Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Aluminium Old ScrapWeightRates
Prime Aluminium Scrap 1 KGRs. 1100 to 1500
Standard Aluminium Scrap 1 KGRs. 1050 to 1100
Chawla Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 1050 to 1100
Master Aluminium Scrap1 KGRs. 950 to 1200
GR Aluminium Scrap 1 KGRs. 950 to 1300
Prime Aluminium Scrap 1 KGRs. 1100 to 1500

Aluminium scrap rates in Pakistan have been a topic of interest for those in the industry and consumers alike. With different classifications for various types of scrap, determining the right rate for a particular type can be challenging. Prime Aluminium Scrap seems to command the highest rates, ranging from 1100 to 1500 Pakistani Rupees per kilogram. On the other hand, Master Aluminium Scrap has a slightly lower rate, ranging from 950 to 1200 Pakistani Rupees per kilogram. These variations in rates can be attributed to the quality and purity of the aluminium, with the higher quality scraps garnering higher rates. The fluctuations in rates can also be influenced by market demand and supply, making it important to keep an eye on rate updates for informed decision-making.

Pital Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Pital ScrapWeightRates
Pital Motor Scrap1 KGRs. 1660
Pital Radiator Scrap1 KGRs. 1380
Pital Bora Scrap1 KGRs. 1350
Pital Compressor Scrap1 KGRs. 1450
Laal Pital Scrap1 KGRs. 1850

Pital Scrap Rates in Pakistan have been a point of interest for both scrappers and businesses alike. With the various scrap weights and rates available, many individuals have taken to collecting and selling their pital scrap materials for extra income. From pital motor scrap to laal pital scrap, the rates range from Rs. 1350 to Rs. 1850 per kg, making it a lucrative market for those with the resources to collect and sell their scrap. However, it’s important to note that the scrap market can be volatile, with rates frequently changing based on supply and demand. Regardless, the pital scrap market remains an intriguing and profitable venture for those willing to take a chance.

Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Radi Kaghaz Mix ScrapWeightRates
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in islamabad1 KGRs. 60 to 80
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 55 to 60

In Pakistan, the Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap Rate is something that many people are interested in. Across cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and Quetta, the weight rates for this type of scrap material are consistent, ranging from 55 to 80 Pakistani rupees per kilogram. For those looking to sell or buy Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap, these rates offer a helpful guideline. However, it’s worth remembering that the market can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in order to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a scrap dealer or simply someone curious about the world of recycling, Radi Kaghaz Mix Scrap is certainly a fascinating topic to explore.

Gata Cotton Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Gata Cotton ScrapWeightRates
Gata Cotton Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 25 to 30
Gata Cotton Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 25 to 30
Gata Cotton Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 25 to 30
Gata Cotton Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 25 to 30
Gata Cotton Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 25 to 30

Gata Cotton Scrap Rate in Pakistan is an important topic for those involved in the textile industry. The scrap rates for Gata Cotton in Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and Quetta all range from Rs. 25 to Rs. 30 per kilogram. This is an important piece of information for those who deal in the buying and selling of cotton scrap. With the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly practices, recycling cotton scraps can prove to be both profitable and beneficial for the environment. As recycling gains more importance globally, understanding the scrap rates for Gata Cotton in various cities across Pakistan is crucial for those involved in the textile industry.

Car Scrap Spare Parts Price List

Car Scrap Spare PartsWeightRates
Bumper1 KGRs.10,000 to 15,000
Suspension1 KGRs.8,000 to 15,000
Dual Clutch 1 KGRs.12000,to 20,000
Alpha ABS1 KGRs.13000,to 24,000
Side Mirrors1 KGRs.1000 to 3000
Old Engine1 KGRs.50,000 to 80,000
Chassis1 KGRs.60,000 to 70,000
Cooling system1 KGRs.10,000 to 12,000
Wheel 1 KGRs.12,000 to 20,000
Fuel system1 KGRs.10,000 to 20,000
Windshield and Windshield Wipers1 KGRs.9,000 to 12,000

Mobile Scrap Price in Pakistan

Mobile Charger1 KgRs.250 to 300
Mobile Camera1 KgRs 18,000
Original Nokia1 KgRs 13,500
China1 KgRs 3,200
Golden Tap Ram1 KgRs 14,500
Ram Without Tap1 KgRs 7,500
Mobile Battery1 KgRs 600
Mobile Flex Strip1 KgRs 2,000
Nokia1 KgRs.200
Number Mobile1 KgRs 117
4 GB1 KgRs 90
8 GB1 KgRs 150
16 GB1 KgRs 300
32 GB Mix1 KgRs 700
EMMC1 KgRs 230
I Phone1 KgRs 170
S6Edge1 KgRs 320
S7Edge1 KgRs 650
Tab1 KgRs 110

The mobile industry is constantly evolving, with smartphones becoming more advanced by the day. One crucial component of these devices is the LCD panel touch, which enables users to interact with their phones through taps and swipes. However, like any other manufacturing process, there can be imperfections along the way. That’s where the scrap rate comes in, representing the amount of unusable LCD panel touch pieces that were produced. The cost of damaged or white LCDs, as well as panels that are unat with media or completely damaged, can have a significant impact on a manufacturer’s bottom line. That’s why companies are constantly working to improve their processes and minimize the scrap rate, in order to provide better quality and value to consumers.

Computer Laptop Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Computer ScrapWeightRates
Telecom Equipment Scrap1 KGRs. 80 to 110
Hard drives with Board Scrap1 KGRs. 85 to 100
Power Supplies with Wires Scrap1 KGRs. 60 to 100
Whole Computer Towers with HD Scrap1 KGRs. 90 to 140
Insulated Wire Scrap 1 KGRs. 110 to 190
Heat Scrap1 KGRs.200 to 340
Clean Green Motherboards Scrap1 KGRs. 750 to 900
Non-Green Motherboards Scrap1 KGRs. 390 to 530
Computer Wire and Cables Scrap1 KGRs. 280 to 400
Laptops Scrap1 KGRs. 1200 to 1350
Hard drive PC Board Scrap1 KGRs. 800 to 1000
Memory Chips Scrap1 KGRs. 2200 to 3000
CPU Processor Chips Scrap1 KGRs. 1150 to 7000

Mix Plastic Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Mix Plastic ScrapeWeightRates
Mix Plastic Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 70 to 80
Mix Plastic Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 70 to 80

Recycling is an essential practice in today’s world, and it has become increasingly important to identify the rates of mix plastic scrap in Pakistan. These stats may not seem crucial, but they provide valuable insights into the recycling habits of the country and determine the direction of the waste management industry. In Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and Quetta, the rates of mix plastic scrap weigh between 70 to 80 Rs. per kilogram. Although these figures may differ from region to region, they all showcase how vital recycling is and how much effort needs to be invested to create an eco-friendly world.

Tin Dabba Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Tin Dabba ScrapeWeightRates
Tin Dabba Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 105 to 110
Tin Dabba Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 105 to 110

The tin dabba scrap rate in Pakistan has remained stable across various cities in the country. Whether you are in Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, or Quetta, you can expect to receive around Rs. 105 to Rs. 110 for one kilogram of this scrap. Tin dabbas, which are essentially small metal containers used for storing and transporting food and other goods, are a common item found in households and businesses across Pakistan. As such, recycling and reusing these scraps have become an important part of the country’s waste management system. The consistent scrap rate for tin dabbas provides an incentive to individuals and businesses to recycle these scraps and promote a more sustainable way of life.

Rubber Tyre Tube Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Rubber Tyre Tube ScrapWeightRates
Bara Tube1 KGRs. 270 to 350
Kachra Tyre / Cut Mall1 KGRs. 50 to 55
Soti Bara Tyre1 KGRs. 55 to 60
Kachra Japani Tube1 KGRs. 80 to 100
Simi Bara Tyre1 KGRs. 65 to 75

Rubber tyre tube scrap rates in Pakistan are a vital factor in the industry. The weight and type of tyre tube are crucial determinants of the price. Rates can range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 350 per kilogram for various types and conditions of tyre tube scrap. The price range can differ according to the quality, usage, and availability of the scrap. These rates impact the industry, as businesses must have a solid understanding of the cost of raw materials. The scrap can be a sustainable solution to create new products, reduce environmental damages, and minimize landfill waste. Therefore, knowing the current rates is important for the growth of the industry and protecting the environment.

Mobile LCD Panel Touch Scrap Rate

LCD Panel Touch1 Piece Price
Damage PanelRs 72
White LCDRs 20
Panel/Unat with MediaRs 25
Damage LCDRs 80

Nylon Chapel Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Nylon ChapalWeightRates
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 110 to 115
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 106 to 107
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 108 to 110
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 106 to 107
Nylon Chapal Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 106 to 107

Drip Syring Mix Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Drip Syring Mix ScrapeWeightRates
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Lahore1 KG Rs. 150 to 170 
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Karachi1 KG Rs. 150 to 170 
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Gujranwala1 KG Rs. 150 to 170 
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Peshawar1 KG Rs. 150 to 170 
Drip Syring Mix Scrape in Quetta1 KG Rs. 150 to 170 

Battery Scrap Price in Pakistan

Battery ScrapeWeightRates
Battery Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 250 to 295
Battery Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 250 to 295
Battery Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 250 to 295
Battery Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 250 to 295
Battery Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 250 to 295

Nylon Pip Scrap Rate in Pakistan

Nylon Pip ScrapWeightRates
Nylon Pip Scrape in Lahore1 KGRs. 155 to 200
Nylon Pip Scrape in Karachi1 KGRs. 155 to 200
Nylon Pip Scrape in Gujranwala1 KGRs. 155 to 200
Nylon Pip Scrape in Peshawar1 KGRs. 155 to 200
Nylon Pip Scrape in Quetta1 KGRs. 155 to 200


Metal and plastic scrap is a great option for those looking to make some extra income. With Loha Scrap Price Today in Pakistan you can make sure that you are getting the best price when it comes to selling scrap. Whether you’re looking to sell off your old metal items or broken electronics, there are plenty of lucrative options available. It’s important to do your research and find the most reliable sellers, so don’t be too eager to accept any offer right away! Being mindful of what type of products you purchase or scrap and the cost associated with it is essential for maximize profits.

Make sure you keep track of any important changes like variations in Loha Scrap Prices Today in Pakistan, so that you can ensure maximum benefits from this emerging market. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities and start exploring this endless potential today!

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