Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s agricultural sector is the lifeblood of its economy, employing nearly half of the country’s labor force. In this crucial sector, tractors are a farmer’s best friend, enabling the arduous tasks of plowing, tilling, and transporting with relative ease. One name that has carved a niche for itself in the local tractor market is ATS a brand synonymous with rugged performance and reliability.

The decision to invest in a tractor is not to be taken lightly. It requires a comprehensive understanding of one’s farming needs, available budget, and the capabilities that various models bring to the table. Within this backdrop, this in-depth analysis of ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan will guide you through the available models and their features, empowering you to make an informed choice.

Ats Tractor Price List in Pakistan

ATS Tractor ModelsPrices
ATS-290 Manual PriceRs. 2,889,000
ATS-290 Power Assist PriceRs. 2,989,000
ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static) PriceRs. 3,148,000
ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) PriceRs. 4,195,000

Understanding the ATS Tractor Range

ATS offers a selection of tractors suitable for various farm sizes and needs. From the ATS-290 Manual, which provides no-frills reliability, to the high-end ATS-290 Special with advanced features, you have a range of models to choose from. The ATS brand prides itself on being an affordable yet quality choice in the agricultural machinery market.

ATS-290 Manual

Starting with the reliable and cost-effective ATS-290 Manual, this model is designed to cater to the needs of farmers looking for robust machinery. It is powered by an 82HP engine that delivers consistent heavy-duty performance, ensuring efficiency in various farm tasks. Ideal for those who appreciate the traditional approach to farming equipment, this tractor features 12-inch dual clutch technology and a highly efficient water cooling system, minimizing the risk of downtime caused by overheating. With a substantial maximum lift capacity of 2150 KG, this workhorse is well-equipped to handle a wide range of farm operations with ease and reliability.

ATS-290 Power Assist

Stepping up a bit, the ATS-290 Power Assist model is an ideal choice for individuals seeking exceptional maneuverability. The power-assisted steering system not only ensures effortless control of the tractor but also enhances precision when operating in compact spaces within the fields. With its robust 82HP engine, this model delivers ample power to tackle the demanding tasks of pulling and tugging required for diverse farming operations, making it a reliable companion for agricultural endeavors of all kinds.

ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static)

The ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static) offers a substantial enhancement in transmission technology. Featuring a cutting-edge hydrostatic transmission system, farmers can experience seamlessly smoother acceleration and deceleration processes without the hassle of manual gear shifting. Moreover, this model showcases a robust 82HP engine, meticulously designed to tackle even the most arduous tasks with precision. Its focus on operator comfort and convenience ensures a pleasurable and efficient working experience across various agricultural operations.

ATS-290 Special (4 x 4)

Finally, the ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) model elevates the game by incorporating a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system. This advanced feature not only enhances traction and stability but also ensures optimal performance in challenging terrains where conventional two-wheel drives fall short. Boasting 82HP under the hood, this powerhouse of a tractor offers a diverse range of farming capabilities. One highlight is its power take-off system, which delivers an impressive 67HP, underscoring the machine’s prowess in handling demanding agricultural tasks with ease and efficiency.

ATS Tractor Prices in Pakistan

An important factor in your decision-making process will undoubtedly be the price of these tractors. The ATS tractors are priced competitively, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. The current range of ATS tractors in Pakistan varies in price due to their features and technology integration.

  • The ATS-290 Manual comes at a commendable starting price of Rs. 2,889,000, making it an excellent entry-level option for small to medium-sized farmers looking for a reliable machine without breaking the bank.
  • Moving up the ladder, the ATS-290 Power Assist model is available at Rs. 2,989,000, providing a middle-ground choice for those who want added steering convenience without a high price tag.
  • For farmers looking for a transmission upgrade, the hydrostatic ATS-290 Special is priced at Rs. 3,148,000. Its advanced transmission, combined with a powerful engine, makes it a compelling choice for those willing to invest in a premium feature set.
  • At the top end, the exceptionally capable ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) stands at Rs. 4,195,000. Designed to handle tough terrains and heavy loads, this model caters to larger farms and more arduous agricultural duties.

Be sure to weigh the prices against the features and specifications that each model offers, as this will help you ensure you make the most appropriate investment based on your operational needs and budget.

Key Specifications of ATS Tractors

Every ATS tractor comes with a unique set of specifications that affects its performance and suitability for different tasks. Understanding these specifications will allow you to match the tractor’s capabilities with your specific needs.

  • Horsepower (HP): The ATS models start at 82HP, offering ample power for general agricultural work. Higher horsepower means more power to the wheels or implements, allowing for heavier tasks or faster operation.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Ranging from 87 to 90 liters, the ATS tractors’ fuel tanks are designed to keep the machines running for extended periods without the need for frequent refueling.
  • Steering: Power-assisted steering in some models will decrease operator fatigue during long working hours or when tackling tough terrains.
  • Max PTO Power: The power take-off system allows you to connect and power various implements. The PTO power range of 67HP to 82HP ensures compatibility with a wide range of accessories.
  • Wheelbase: This critical dimension affects the tractor’s stability and smoothening of the ride. The 2310mm wheelbase found in ATS tractors provides a balance between agility and steadiness.
  • Engine Type and Fuel: The engine type usually runs on diesel, with models such as the ATS-290 powered by the 440 TN (A4.248) engine, known for its efficiency and durability.
  • Maximum Lift Capacity: The 2150KG lift capacity found in most ATS tractors allows for the handling of significant loads, expanding the machine’s range of applications.
  • Clutch: The dual 12-inch clutch ensures reliable operation and less slippage in critical situations, such as towing heavy loads or plowing fields.
  • Cooling System: The water-cooled system keeps the engine operating at the optimal temperature, preventing overheating and potential damage.
  • Gears and Speed: With 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, the ATS tractors offer a good range for different speeds and requirements, covering a maximum speed of up to 30 KM/H forward, and 14.5 KM/H in reverse.
  • Battery: A powerful 12V, 110Ah battery ensures reliable starts and continuous operation, even in colder weather conditions.
  • Tyres: The quality and size of the tyres can significantly impact traction, with models coming equipped with Sliding Spur and Pressed variants for front and rear tires, respectively.

Be sure to carefully evaluate how these specifications align with your farming projects to find a tractor that will optimize your efficiency and productivity.

Comparing ATS Tractors with Competitors

To make an informed decision, it’s also a good idea to compare the ATS tractors with those of its main competitors. Brands like Massey Ferguson, John Deere, and New Holland offer a diverse range of choices that might suit your requirements and budget better.

Massey Ferguson, for example, is renowned for its long history in the farming industry and its global presence. It offers tractors with features and technology suitable for a variety of farming applications. John Deere is synonymous with quality and reliability, especially for larger farms and commercial use. New Holland, on the other hand, is known for its innovation and advanced farming equipment, including efficient tractors with modern advancements.

Each of these brands has its own set of pricing, specifications, and brand values that might resonate better with your specific needs. It’s wise to do a side-by-side comparison of models and costs to determine which tractor provides the best value for your operation.

The ROI on ATS Tractors

The return on investment (ROI) is an essential metric to consider before purchasing any tractor. While the upfront cost is significant, factors such as fuel efficiency, maintenance requirements, and increased productively will all directly influence the ROI of your tractor.

The fuel efficiency of an ATS tractor can be a significant cost saver, especially if you’re operating the machine for long hours or over large areas. The durability and build quality of the ATS models ensure they require less maintenance, saving on time and potential repair costs. Furthermore, the use of efficient technology in ATS tractors can lead to higher work output per hour, ultimately increasing the farm’s overall productivity.

By calculating the expected savings and increased earnings against the initial price, you can determine the ROI period and the long-term financial benefits of your purchase. It’s vital to consider the potential growth of your farm and how a reliable and feature-rich tractor can contribute to that growth.


Q: What makes ATS tractors stand out in Pakistan’s agricultural sector?

A: ATS tractors are renowned for their rugged performance and reliability, providing a blend of power, efficiency, and durability that is well-suited to meet the demands of Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

Q: How does the pricing of ATS tractors compare with other brands?

A: ATS tractors are competitively priced, offering a range of options from basic to advanced models that cater to different budgetary and operational needs, making them an affordable choice for farmers.

Q: What features do the ATS-290 Special models offer?

A: The ATS-290 Special models, including Hydro Static and 4 x 4 variants, offer advanced features such as hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive for enhanced maneuverability, power, and performance in various farming tasks.

Q: Are ATS tractors suitable for small to medium-sized farms?

A: Yes, the ATS tractor range includes models like the ATS-290 Manual, which is designed for cost-effectiveness and reliability, making them suitable for small to medium-sized farms.

Q: How can I decide which ATS tractor model is right for me?

A: Consider your farming needs, the size of your farm, and your budget. Factors such as horsepower, fuel tank capacity, lift capacity, and additional features should guide your decision to ensure the tractor meets your operational requirements.

Q: Where can I purchase an ATS tractor in Pakistan?

A: ATS tractors can be purchased through authorized ATS dealers across Pakistan. For the closest dealership location and more detailed information, visiting the official ATS website or contacting their customer service is recommended.

The Final Words on Buying an ATS Tractor in Pakistan

Purchasing a tractor is a significant step for any farmer or agricultural business. The choice of brand, model, and features all contribute to the success of your daily operations and the profitability of your farm. ATS has positioned itself as a reliable and competitive choice, offering a range of tractors that tick many of the boxes for modern farming requirements.

With the information from this comprehensive guide, you can confidently approach the process of buying an ATS tractor in Pakistan. Researching and understanding the various models, their prices, key specifications, and comparative analysis will ensure you make an investment that not only suits your needs but also aligns with your long-term business goals.

Speak with ATS dealers, consider expert opinions, and factor in user reviews to get a well-rounded perspective on the brand and its products. Your new ATS tractor could be the wheel that drives your farm’s success for years to come.

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