500 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Living in Pakistan, we all know how expensive electricity bills can get during the hot summer months when usage peaks. Fans and air conditioners work overtime to keep us comfortable as temperatures soar outside. But did you know there’s an alternative way to meet your energy needs that can help lower costs and alleviate pressure on the national power grid? More and more homeowners are turning to solar power as a sustainable solution. Installing solar panels like the 500 watt panel is a worthwhile investment that provides savings for years to come. In this post, I’ll break down current 500 watt solar panel prices in Pakistan so you can start going green and saving green too.

500 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

BrandModelEstimated Price Range (PKR)
Canadian Solar500W47,000 – 52,000
485W45,500 – 50,500
490W46,000 – 51,000
495W46,500 – 51,500
JA Solar500W43,000 – 48,000
490W42,000 – 47,000
495W42,500 – 47,500
505W43,500 – 48,500
Longi495W46,500 – 50,500
515W48,000 – 53,000
530W49,500 – 54,500
540W50,500 – 55,500
Jinko470W44,000 – 49,000
530W49,500 – 54,500
535W50,000 – 55,000
540W50,500 – 55,500
Trina Solar500W43,500 – 48,500
490W42,500 – 47,500
495W43,000 – 48,000
505W44,000 – 49,000

As solar power continues to emerge as an alternative source of energy, it’s important to know the cost of installing the necessary equipment in your home. In Pakistan, the 500 Watt solar panel is one of the popular options for residents who are looking to harness the sun’s free energy. There are several brand models available in the market such as Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Longi, Jinko, and Trina Solar. The price range for these panels can vary from PKR 42,000 to PKR 55,500, depending on the brand and wattage. Canadian Solar and JA Solar offer the most affordable options, while Longi and Jinko have higher-priced models. Whichever brand you choose, a 500 Watt solar panel can provide significant savings on your electricity bill.

List of Best 500 Watt Solar Panel in Pakistan with Price

Are you contemplating a transition to solar power? Searching for the finest 500-watt solar panel choices in Pakistan? You have arrived at the correct destination! In this article, we will examine the highest-rated 500-watt solar panels accessible in Pakistan and furnish you with invaluable insights to facilitate an informed decision-making process. Let’s delve into it!

1.Jinko 500 Watt Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

Jinko solar panels have established a strong presence in the Pakistani market, owing to their impressive efficiency rate of 21.3% and consistent performance. They are renowned for being a cost-effective and dependable choice for generating electricity at a lower cost in Pakistan. While Jinko doesn’t manufacture exact 500 watt solar panels, there are several other viable options available, such as 470 watts, 530 watts, 535 watts, and 540 watts solar panels.

Jinko’s diverse product range offers solar panels from 470 watts to 540 watts. Here’s a quick glance at the estimated prices for various Jinko solar panel sizes in Pakistan:

  • Jinko 470W solar panel: 44000-49000 PKR
  • Jinko 530W solar panel: 49500-54500 PKR
  • Jinko 535W solar panel: 50000-55000 PKR
  • Jinko 540W solar panel: 50500-55500 PKR

With Jinko solar panels, you have the power to choose the right fit for your energy needs without compromising on efficiency or cost.

2.Canadian solar panels 500-watt

Canadian solar panels are rapidly gaining popularity in Pakistan, thanks to their high efficiency and ability to perform well even in less than optimal lighting conditions. One of the most sought-after models is the 500-watt solar panel, which boasts an efficiency rate that exceeds 20%. This makes it an excellent choice for consumers looking to maximize energy generation.

There’s a variety of choices within the 500-watt range, including models that are rated at 485 watts, 490 watts, 495 watts, and, of course, 500 watts. Each of these units is often referred to as a “500-watt solar panel” in Pakistan. The cost of these panels can differ slightly, primarily influenced by their wattage output.

In terms of pricing, the Canadian 500-watt solar panel is currently priced between Rs. 47,000 and Rs. 52,000 in Pakistan. For those interested in the lower wattage models, estimated prices are as follows:

  • Canadian 485W solar panel: 45500-50500 PKR
  • Canadian 490W solar panel: 46000-51000 PKR
  • Canadian 495W solar panel: 46500-51500 PKR
  • Canadian 500W solar panel: 47000-52000 PKR

These prices reflect the value and efficiency that Canadian solar panels offer, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to harness solar energy.

3.Trina Solar Panel 500 Watt

Trina solar panels are renowned for their impressive power output, superior efficiency, and enhanced performance based on temperature conditions. Among the top solar panels available in the Pakistan market, Trina 500W solar panels hold a significant place. In comparison to other 500W solar panels, Trina offers the most cost-effective solution, while ensuring top-notch performance. Trina also provides a series of solar panels with power output close to 500 watts, including 490 watts, 495 watts, and 505 watts.

Trina Solar Panel 500 Watt Price in Pakistan

The Trina 500 watt solar panel price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.43,500 to Rs.48,500. For those planning to purchase other solar panels, the estimated prices are provided in the table Above.

4.Longi 500 Solar Panels in Pakistan

Longi is a renowned name in the world of solar panel manufacturing, with its products enjoying substantial demand in Pakistan. With a commitment to performance and efficiency, Longi provides a diverse range of solar panels starting from 395 watts, extending up to 550 watts. Although the exact 500-watt solar panel is not in their product line, Longi offers close alternatives such as 495 watts, 515 watts, 530 watts, 540 watts, and 545 watts. These options are not only efficient but are also available at a cost-effective price point.

Unfortunately, there are no precise 500-watt solar panels available in Pakistan. However, Longi provides solar panels in the 500-watt range, such as 495 watts and 510 watts. The pricing for these solar panels is as follows:

  • Longi 495W solar panel: 46,500 – 50,500 PKR
  • Longi 515W solar panel: 48,000 – 53,000 PKR
  • Longi 530W solar panel: 49,500 – 54,500 PKR
  • Longi 540W solar panel: 50,500 – 55,500 PKR

These prices provide an approximate cost range for the respective solar panels, offering buyers a clear understanding of what to expect budget-wise when considering Longi solar panels.

5.JA 500w Solar Panel in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel is a globally recognized solar manufacturing company, renowned for its exceptional efficiency. Their solar panels consistently outperform other brands available in the market, boasting 1-2% higher efficiency. In Pakistan, JA Solar Panels have garnered immense popularity and preference, owing to their remarkable reputation.

One particular model that has captivated the attention of numerous Pakistani consumers is the JA 500 watt solar panel. This solar panel stands apart not only for its superior performance, but also for its competitive and affordable price. Its distinctive specifications and features have positioned it as the preferred choice for many.

In addition to the 500 watt solar panel, JA offers a range of options in proximity to this capacity, including panels with capacities of 490 watts, 495 watts, and 505 watts. This diverse selection empowers consumers to choose the most suitable option to meet their energy requirements.

As for the pricing, the JA 500 watt solar panel in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 43,000 to Rs. 48,000. In line with this, other solar panel sizes have estimated prices as follows:

  • JA 490W solar panel: 42000-47000 PKR
  • JA 495W solar panel: 42500-47500 PKR
  • JA 500W solar panel: 43000-48000 PKR
  • JA 505W solar panel: 43500-48500 PKR

These prices offer a comprehensive understanding of what consumers can expect when planning to purchase JA Solar Panels in Pakistan.

A 500 Watt solar panel system can run a diverse range of appliances and devices, depending on their individual power requirements. For instance, it can power small appliances like LED lights, a laptop, or a small fridge. However, keep in mind that the duration for which these appliances can be powered depends on their specific energy consumption and other factors such as the amount of sunlight the panel receives. It is also crucial to note that the energy produced by the solar panel should be stored in batteries for uninterrupted use, especially during cloudy days or at night.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the estimated price range for a 500W Canadian Solar panel in Pakistan?

The estimated price range for a 500W Canadian Solar panel in Pakistan is between 47,000 – 52,000 PKR.

How much does a 500W solar panel from JA Solar cost?

A 500W solar panel from JA Solar is estimated to cost between 43,000 – 48,000 PKR

What is the cost range for a 495W solar panel from Longi?

The cost range for a 495W solar panel from Longi is estimated to be 46,500 – 50,500 PKR.

How much do I need to pay for a 470W solar panel from Jinko in Pakistan?

The estimated price range for a 470W solar panel from Jinko in Pakistan is 44,000 – 49,000 PKR.

What is the price range for a 500W solar panel from Trina Solar in Pakistan?

The price range for a 500W solar panel from Trina Solar in Pakistan is estimated to be between 43,500 – 48,500 PKR.


In conclusion, the 500 watt solar panel market in Pakistan offers a variety of options for consumers with different price ranges and brand preferences. From Canadian Solar to Trina Solar, each brand offers a unique model that caters to various needs and budgets. The estimated price range for these models falls between PKR 42,000 to 55,500, making solar energy an accessible and affordable option for many households in Pakistan. However, it is important to note that the price of a solar panel is just one aspect to consider while making the switch to renewable energy.

The benefits of using solar power are endless – from reducing your carbon footprint to saving on electricity bills in the long run. It is evident that investing in a 500 watt solar panel is not just a smart financial decision but also a responsible choice for the environment. As we move towards a more sustainable future, let us take this opportunity to embrace clean energy solutions and make a positive impact on our planet. So don’t wait any longer, take action now and join the green movement by choosing solar power today! Make the switch and be part of the change.

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