1 Gram Gold Ring Price Today In Pakistan

Gold is one of the most coveted precious metals that has held its value through millennia. While it comes in many forms, from grand bracelets and necklaces to delicate earrings and pendants, one of the most popular and affordable gold jewelry items people seek out is a simple gold ring. Whether for yourself or a loved one, a 1 gram gold ring is an elegant way to own a tiny piece of this precious commodity without breaking the bank. In today’s economy and market, knowing the up-to-date 1 gram gold ring price in Pakistan is more important than ever for anyone looking to purchase this entry-level gold jewelry item. In this blog post, I will explore the latest 1 gram gold ring rates in Pakistan for both 22-karat and 18-karat gold, discuss some of the factors influencing price fluctuations, and provide tips for finding the best deals.

1 Gram Gold Ring Price Today

Gold KaratPrice Range (in Rs.)
24K Gold 1 Gram RingPKR.25,000 to 29,000
22K Gold RingPKR.20,000 to 26,000
21K Gold RingPKR.18,000 to 20,000
18K Gold RingPKR.15,000 to 19,000

Please note that these prices are approximate and subject to change based on market conditions and other factors. It’s advisable to verify the prices with reputable jewelers or check the latest market updates.

The timeless beauty and elegance of a gold ring is undeniable, and it’s a piece of jewelry that’s always in style. If you’re looking for a one-gram gold ring in Pakistan today, you’ll find a range of options to choose from. The price of a 24k gold ring is around Rs. 25,000 to 29,000, while a 22k gold ring can cost anywhere from Rs. 20,000 to 26,000. If you’re looking for something slightly more affordable, a 21k gold ring can be found around Rs. 18,000 to 20,000, while an 18k gold ring will cost around Rs. 15,000 to 19,000. Whether you’re looking for a simple and understated ring or something that makes a bolder statement, there’s sure to be a one-gram gold ring that catches your eye and fits your budget.

Factors Influencing the Price

The price of gold rings is influenced by various factors, including:

Gold Market Trends: The global gold market plays a significant role in determining the price of gold rings. Fluctuations in supply and demand, economic conditions, and investor sentiment can all impact the price.

Currency Exchange Rates: Since gold is traded in international markets, fluctuations in currency exchange rates can affect the price of gold rings in Pakistan.

Import Duties and Taxes: Import duties and taxes imposed by the government can also influence the overall price of gold rings.

Understanding Gold Purity

Gold rings are available in different levels of purity, commonly referred to as karats. The purity of gold is measured in parts per 24, with 24 karat gold being the purest form. Other common purities include 22 karat, 21 karat, and 18 karat gold. The purity of gold plays a crucial role in determining its value and, subsequently, the price of gold rings.

1.24 Karat Gold Ring 1 Gram

The 24-Karat Gold Ring, weighing approximately 1 gram, is a symbol of luxury and elegance. In Pakistan, the price of such a piece is typically around Rs. 25000, showcasing the high value and desirability of gold in the jewelry market. This price, however, is subject to fluctuations based on the international gold rate, currency exchange variations, and local market factors, making it vital for buyers to stay updated with current rates.

2.22K Gold Ring 1 Gram

In the vibrant gold markets of Pakistan, the price of a 22K gold ring weighing 1 gram currently stands at Rs. 20,000. This figure, whilst subject to fluctuations in the global gold market, represents the ongoing allure and value of gold as a timeless investment, a beautiful adornment, and a potent symbol of status and accomplishment. Whether for personal use or as a gift, a 22K gold ring remains a sought-after purchase in Pakistan’s diverse and dynamic consumer landscape.

3.21K Gold Ring 1 Gram

In Pakistan, the allure of gold transcends mere aesthetics. An embodiment of luxury, wealth, and auspiciousness, gold ornaments, particularly rings, hold a significant place in the culture. The 21K Gold Ring, weighing 1 gram, is a popular choice among locals as well as tourists. It’s crafted with meticulous attention to detail, blending tradition with modern design elements. As of the current market rates, this exquisite piece of jewelry costs approximately Rs.19000, making it an affordable luxury for many.

4.18K Gold Ring 1 Gram

The 18K Gold Ring, weighing a mere gram, is an exquisite piece of jewellery available in Pakistan. With its affordable price tag of just Rs. 15,000, this ring blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Its radiant finish and delicate detailing make it a must-have accessory for those seeking a touch of elegance.

Tips for Buying 1 Gram Gold Rings in Pakistan

When purchasing 1 gram gold rings in Pakistan, consider the following tips:

Research reputable sellers: Look for trusted jewelers who have established a reputation for selling genuine gold rings. Check customer reviews and ask for recommendations from family and friends.

Consider the design and craftsmanship: Pay attention to the design and craftsmanship of the gold ring. Ensure that it meets your preferences and standards of quality.

Seek certification of authenticity: Ask for a certificate of authenticity when purchasing a gold ring. This certificate verifies the purity and authenticity of the gold, providing you with peace of mind.


Knowing the current price of 1 gram gold rings in Pakistan is crucial for making informed buying decisions. By understanding the factors influencing the price, the different types of gold purity, and following the provided tips, you can navigate the market confidently and find the perfect gold ring that suits your style and budget. Remember to stay updated with the latest market trends and consult trusted jewelers

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